Pahrump or Parker400


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We are wanting to plan our next race and are thinking about one of these.
Pahrump sounds like it could be a good turn out, and since it has not been ran for a while there should be some fresh terrain, it is coming up quick though, and then they put the pre-run date one day after turkey dayo_O Its an almost 2000 mile round trip for us so I would have to miss the pre-run. The Parker 400 is at a good time of year for us to come down from Oregon and get some sun:) and we can also be away from home a little longer at that time, how long are the laps at Parker? What type of terrain differences are there? So any votes for one or the other:cool:


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Laps at Parker are 137 miles roughly and is run 3 times. The lap at Pahrump is a 250 mile loop - If you are talking about racing: The Pahrump race will have a mild turnout and wont have any lap traffic. It will be one of the roughest courses BITD has had in years and will likely be cold. The Parker 425 is one of the biggest races in the US and is quite a spectacle in how the town is taken over by the sport. The Tech / Contingency is massive and there is a pretty incredible spectator turnout. The terrain is a little bit of everything from gravel roads, to sand and silt, to deep dirt.

Other things to consider however is this - Pahrump pit support can easily be covered with 2 trucks and quite frankly almost 1 truck if you dont have a full setup to do - Parker you cant get from any pit to the other pit before your car and in some cases the team cant even leave if your car is out of the race.