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Does anyone have any experience with flat paint colors on fiber glass and cab? Not just primer flat but the hot rod flat colors. I am interested in painting my truck flat black and wanted to know how it held up in the dez.

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I think they refer to those colors as Satin's. Not sure how it would hold up though.

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The only problem with "satin" or Hot rod blacks as you call is that you dont apply clear coat to the paint the clear is what protects the paint and give it a shine which you obviously dont want so it wont do too well my friend Sam owns Speedway Auto Body in Costa Mesa if you want to call him for more info feel free he does alot with metal and fiberglass 949-631-0509....Mike


Are you talking about the primer "suede" look???

Just leaving primer with no top coat will lead to lots of problems and a big mess. Primer absorbs water and will look like junk in a few days of wet weather. Try looking around for a product made by John Deere called Blitz Black - it's pretty suede like when applied but is much better at resisting the elements.

Your best bet is to talk to a hot rodder for more info. Search it out on and locate an active board to get some real answers.



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You can do it with a base coat clear coat system. Shoot the base as you normaly would. There is a flattening agent you can add to the clear that will give it a dull finish. I think the PPG # was 685. It will not be totally flat but will have a somewhat dull appearance. Have done this in the past for some of the military restorer crowd. Same top coat procedure for steel / fiberglass.

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Standox single stage (Standocryl - Part#613 Black Toner) along with their matting agent #606.
You could also just harden the basecoat of a base/clear setup and leave the clear out. Works great.
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This is my '64 Lincoln and after I got it I shot it with PPG DP-40 black primer. after a few months it started fading from sitting in the sun and now it looks dark gray. and your hand is black when you run it across the surface.
I have been told you can use the base coat from dual stage paint but it will start to fade also. You can get clear with a matt finish like some other people suggested.