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painting truck with plastidip


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I am ready to pull the trigger on a couple gallons of plastidip to paint my truck. I am curious if anyone has tried it out on a off-road truck. I am a little worried that dust and dirt will get stuck on it and not wash off very easily. The stories I have read about plastidip have all been from street vehicles that don't see much dirt at all. I live on gravel so dust and mud is a daily occurrence.
Probably just going to get black

Actually as long as you get a smooth application it's easier to clean than paint. My bumpers/flares/rockers are all dipped black, and we did my buddies in all black. Depending on the size of your truck 2gal probably isn't enough though, we usually use 3 for a small truck/car.

We are getting ready to use a new product this week from Eastwood called elastiwrap. It's made specifically for the auto industry, has almost twice the heat threshold, and build rate, and according to them is more durable. I'm doing my whole truck, so if you can hold off for a bit I can post back with our findings.
Here's the link for those who are interested Burnout Black. Its a little more expensive, but keep in mind you'll use half as much, pay for half the shipping, and get an industry specific product.

One of the things we like about it the most, is there is a lower solvent content (Read: more rubber/high build). Due to the consistency of the product, you can lay down more in a single pass without having to worry about drips/runs. One of the tricks to getting a satin smooth finish is to apply very wet coats toward the end, and it can be tricky with a thinner product.


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My experience, it holds up fairly well, cleans fairly well. I've noticed it can stain from wet road grime if left on too long. Basically if you hit some puddles and tires toss up the blackish nasty wet road grime, wash it off in a day or so and you're fine, leave it and you might find it stains. I painted both using gallons and a spray gun. First painting ever of any type like that and the results were pretty good. Get something to do some practice shots on to dial in your gun. Lay it down as thick as you can each pass without running it. Once you get to about your 3rd or 4th coat you can lay it on pretty heavy. Depending on color choice you may want a base color. I did gunmetal grey on my expo before putting down the vintage gold.

Moments after this...

Resulted in this...

BUT!!! That's the reason I dipped it in the first place. I took a rag with some mineral spirits, rubbed the areas of damage smooth. Then bought just a typical aerosol can of vintage gold and sprayed right over it. A layer of dust and looks fine. It's not a show car, never will be, but looks great from 10 feet away!

I also found gas will melt the stuff right off your vehicle in nothing flat. Again though, aerosol can and touch it up, move on with life, all good.

Sharp edges it sometimes will start to peel over time I've found. My entry area/door sill area of my explorer has it peeling off from dragging feet over it occasionally. Not a big deal, I'll peel it and touch it up sometime.

It's not "perfect" persay but for a vehicle that sees abuse, I'm pretty happy with it. The F150 that's in my avatar... once it's finished, it will likely get dipped too.


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Have not used the glossifier other then I bought and aerosol can of it to screw around with and I wasn't that impressed. Maybe it was my application and way I sprayed it but it looked satin at best, far from gloss and was a very bad orange peel. I've seen others that had decent results but the bit I played with it, I wasn't happy...
This is the more affordable sprayer I use, works great, wide range of patterns and feeds, light, and super easy to clean.


Yes the gallons of plasti-dip, and Elastiwrap brand products are pre-thinned. No additional mixing is required, although you can mix pigments, other colors, flake etc... I've even seen guys adding cosmetic (makeup) additives to the clears to get some really cool looking variants on pearl and chameleon. Sky's the limit!