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Had fun at this past wekend's Parker Poker Run. Does anyone have confirmed mileage for the lap? Does it include the Gauntlet infield section? I know it has been published as 134 miles, but the lap did not seem as long. How about confimred mileages overall for the lap and between checkpoints? I saw the map posted last week by someone's submission, but it just didn;t seem as long. Thanks! Michael Cohen


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Michael, you have hit upon what seems to be a bit of a mystery. The map I posted last week shows the distance as 114 miles. However, this map shows a "notch" just after Check Point 1. During the pre-run, we were notch directed through this "notch". Therefore, I don't know if the "notch" mileage is included.

I would be happy to tell you the length based on my GPS info, but the power was interupted, and my mileage stopped somewhere in the Osborne wash.


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you have to remember the gauntlet is 8 miles long, and I think they may be including the section you run on the 1st lap only in the mileage.

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What did you guys think of the course? Did it always include so much highway driving? It felt like we were doing a desert rally tour. That first section is nasty but the rest is P-line or typical good racin'. Only came across 1 rollover. Any other interesting stories.


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Course is gonna be fast and very dusty with the amount of cars entered. The trip-o-meter on my pre-runner read 132 miles...but thats not as realiable was GPS. Does anybody else have a GPS reading??


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I brought mine too. But forgot about the 1 hour time change and we were in a jeep, had to get on the road so it never got power up.


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I'm really looking forward to seeing what the 3000MT will do. I created "rally-style" pace notes for some areas. Screen visibility may be an issue. When it was dust-free, and the sun was right, I could see it perfectly. Hopefully my co-driver will be able to read the notations.

If you made it through the Goat Trail, you've seen the worst of it. I assume when you say you got on the road, you made it all the way back to the canal and took Shea rd. back to base.

Although no one asked for my opinion, I'll give it anyway! I love this course! It is by far my favorite of the few I've ever done. Hopefully, the new car will like it as much!


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I got one interesting story...here I am in my prerunner hammering though a rough section at a pretty good pace. Then here comes a brand new Ford Excursion with 7 people in it, and passes me. You should have heard the metal on rock grinding noises...but writtern in the dust on the side of the truck is "Don't worry, its a rental"