Parker 425 lost and found


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I lost a spare wheel/tire on the second lap between main pit and pit 1. If anyone or any course workers come across it I'd appreciate it. It is a silver Ultra Wheel with a silver beadlock with a brand new 37 General X3 on it. The wheel should be stamped with 6136.

Racing Ron

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Our TL team lost a spare (Ultra/Yokahama stamped 6076) with some help from an "orange 10 car". Don't know the whole story, just want to get the tire/wheel back.

ML Racer

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6149 lost the spare driveshaft somewhere before pit 1 on the second lap, cuz that's how far he made it after it took out the radiator and fan before departing the truck ☹


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Corona Extra #6 lost a tire somewhere on the last 40 miles so a couple of cases of Corona for whomever finds it first. Brand new KMC wheel with a 40' BFG with #6 sticker next to the valve stem.


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The scavengers were out early (5:30am) Sunday morning in Osborne Wash. Found an air jack Sunday morning around 1:30 am running my paperwork out to the hiway. Got it re-united with it's team when they came looking on Sunday. We cleaned the course from mile 130 to the Python early Sunday and was as surprised that the only thing we found was a partial fender.


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5013 pit sign and 2 orange cones forgotten at pit 2. Love to get it back if some one picked it up for us.


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Lost a FOA jack from our 10 car...

anyone find a orange hood from 8124? our guys left it with someone on a side by side at race mile 72 but didn't get any names.

Bronco Dude

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lost a 37" BFG with a silver method wheel. Marked 6189 at the valve stem. Beer is the reward if returned or found! thanks