parker and koh


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I was listening to the Dave Cole interview and was impressed with the way he confronted the question of koh destroying parker. Obviously it is a question that most are very interested in and a question that Andy or the others that produced the interview did not want to ask. Dave said he wanted them to coexist and did not want Parker to suffer and said he wanted to find a way to keep it as awesome as it has ever been. I felt like it is something that is or has bothered him about this new race and was glad he took on the question. So my question to Dave and the RDC people is how can the two exist so close together? Could Parker be used as the qualifying portion? Combine the two for an overall ? just curios because in his answer it seemed as though he has thought about it.
BTW im from parker so im biased and think it is the best race of the yr but I also applaud Dave for taking things to the level where desert racing should be.