Parker Bulldoze


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The Goat Trail is at the beginning of the race. They graded aprox. 8-10 miles and they even graded a well known rock ledge that has been a landmark spot of the Parker race for years. I do not support the grading in any way. I think I am trying to look at the situation with as positive of an attitude as possible. I am going there to race and this is what is being presented to me. I am ready! Good luck to everyone!
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On a periodic basis I've checked different threads on the RDC discussion boards and until now I've refrained from posting. I can't believe the number of uninformed people second guessing the decisions made by a racing promoter. If you were to call Casey Folks, as I did, you would learn that the decision to blade sections of the course was made to satisfy the request of the BLM. The concern: multiple racing lines would expand the course into "Wilderness Study Areas". That light pass not only filled in some holes, it also unearthed lots of rock. According to Casey there's a likelihood additional areas will also be bladed prior to the upcoming race.

People, there are very good reasons why Whiplash hasn't been invited back to Parker and the way things were done in the past has bearing on the current requirements placed on BITD. If expectations aren't met theoretically there won't be any future races held in the Parker area. Casey has our best interests in mind and he will push the limits as far as he can while still maintaining a good working relationship with the organizations that control the permits that allow us to do what we love to do...race! I don't think any of us fully understand the enormous requirements demanded of a promoter so I certainly don't feel it's our job to criticize.

This sport has changed immensely in the 25 years I've been a participant. I really enjoyed racing on both the California and Arizona sides at Parker. Should I blame Casey for not including the other side of the river as it was in the past? The way things were ISN'T the way things are or will be in the future. Organized groups are lobbying for more and more restrictions to public land. Everything we do will be scrutinized and criticized so I suggest instead of voicing your displeasure with a promoter, offer him your services to help create better races for all of us. Casey Folks and the entire staff of BITD are doing everything they can to create an exciting and challenging race for us and I applaud them. Were it not for their efforts there would not have been ANY races held at Parker this year.

By the way, this course is far from smooth! I think the attrition will prove it.


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Jim I did get a chance to talk to jay at Whiplash about the blm mess. I asked him what did he do that was so bad at the parker race last year that the blm said no more races in parker for Whiplash. He told me that his permit stated that he had to have road guards at entrance points to the track 8hrs before the start of the event. Then on another page it said that whiplash had to have guards in place 72 hrs before the event. Jay said he placed the road guards 24 hrs before the event. Jay said that was what the whole mess was about . 72 hrs seams ridiculous after working a road crossing for score at primm 3 years ago. score said that the Nevada blm wanted someone there 8hrs before the start of the race. I also asked Jay about the blading of the track last year along the dike. Jay said that he made the suggestion that if the track was bladed in that spot,there would be less cars leaving the track. Jay also said that the blm said blade the entire track to keep everyone on it. Jay said that if that was done it would case erosion and further degrade the track after a major rain storm. Jay also said that he told the blm that it would be unsafe do to the fact that the blading of the track would eliminate most all of the areas that are used for passing and now passing would probably disturb new areas. Having competed in the Parker race last year and seeing the track closed to all but the officials, I just don't know what else Whiplash could have done to make the blm happy.