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Parker injurys


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Does anybody have any infomation regarding the injurys from Parker this weekend. I know that they had to airlift 4 people out from course. The worse accident I heard about was Tom Swanson's Class 3. I heard that the co-driver broke his back and had to be cut out of the car.


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When we were leaving parker and heading to Laughlin, on the way out we saw a completely mangled 9 car. Another of the 4 airlifted out.
The problem with having such a fast course is that the accidents are far more severe. ie: High speed rollovers, etc. Not to mention the dust.


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The jeep didnt look good so we stopped and the guy asked us to get help so we radioed for help . whiplash didnt know about it. I was wondering how they were .The 9 car didnt look good either .There was alot of busted up cars. hope everybody are O K . It was fast we were 3 and 4 gear down the graded roads to fast .Thanks Dennis


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The jeep was pitted next to us. On Sat about 7:00 pm the co-rider was at the hospital and the said he was stable


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The Nine car was next to us at Midway after the rollover. I talked to the driver and he turned down the airlift so they could take another injured guy out. The driver of the Nine was in a lot of pain, but was more upset about the wreck ruining a great run. He had passed a number of cars, hit a berm, and didn't remember anything after that. It was definitely a hard hit.


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Was that the 9 car with the broken WRIGHT beam and crunched roof(rear flat as well ) sitting at Midway?