Parker Qualifying . . .


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Michael, I am not sweating any of ran good and we ran good..end of story..but we did go from 52 min down @ the main pit to 25 min going through Midway the first time on the 3rd going to the TT250??
Yes, we'll be at the TT250. We were going to try and hit the Primm race in two weeks, but I think that's just too fast to swap an engine and get it preped and everything.

Was there only just the 3 of us in 7s on Sat? I thought I saw a couple of over 7s trucks there.

Kevin, thanks for not taking me serious. Just having fun. Big congrats on your win! I mean that. We'll meet in April and you can roost me w/ big rocks.


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CONGRATULATIONS to Davis Motor Sports! Glad to see you guys back up on top! Wish I could have been there.

Congratulations to the other winners and finishers too: Tommy Bradley, Aaron Dixon, Billy Robertson/Stuart Chase, Jim Dizney, Curt LeDuc, and last but certainly not least Chuck Hovey! Great job all of you. Sorry if I forgot anyone.


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I only know of the 3...where did you see them?? That would be a quick turn around, but could be done...


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Just wanted to say Congratulations to Jesse Jones and Scott Steinberger for their 2nd place finish right out of the box, that is awesome. Good luck for the rest of the season!