Parts for a 1975 chevy malibu


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Hi guys

I need some help to find parts for a 1975 chevy malibu, on saturday i went to a store on Seal Beach named Original Parts Group on the idea that there i might find the parts that i was looking for.

I was surprised when they told me that GM still doesn't make parts for this car only to 1972 i think or something like that.

I would really apreciate if anyone has links or knows of a store that carry those parts or i can ordered from, i am looking for stores on the San Diego area but i am willing to drive.

Here is some of the parts that i need

Hood and exterior emblems
Stereo (original)
Steering Wheel
Center Console
Rear Taillights
Fenders mouldings (chrome)
Rear arm rest

Among other parts but these ones would be a start



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