Passing of Mel Larson


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I didn't see it posted on here but Tuesday we lost another legend in racing.

Mel Larson passed away Tuesday morning. Mel was an icon to many forms of racing including our off road world. I have had the opportunity on many occasions to hang out in his helicopter hanger at his house and see all of the historic race machines he had sitting in there - most of them adorned with his signature Circus Circus pink paint in one form or another. Form off road vehicles, to helicopters, sprint cars and jet boats, the man loved it all.

I've watched him fly helicopters backwards to get the right angle for TV cameraman and watched him and his wife walk away from a helicopter crash at the speedway in the late 90's.

He was a wealth of information and was always happy to talk about the "old days" of racing. Without Mel, I am fairly sure the Mint 400 would have never been what it was, and therefore would have never become what it is today.

Las Vegas auto racing pioneer Mel Larson dies at age 87


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The first time I met Mr. Larson... I was nervous LOL. Godspeed...

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Man so sad , seems like legends our leaving us to fast. RIP Mel and I pray this younger generation always remembers like you what off road racing is all about.