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PC Gamers?

Any PC gamers in here? I'm getting ready to start building my first PC, mainly for gaming and media entertainment, in over 15 years.
Grabbed this from the other thread

Gamer PC? Unfortunately, the market is steering away from them pretty strongly.

Not even worth dumping money into a PC anymore with 720 and PS4 arriving soon.
I'm planning to use mine for more than just gaming. I'm going to dump TiVo and cable, together they cost me over $120 a month. The PC is going to be connected to our main TV and we're just going to use Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu+ and whatever else we can stream.

The gaming will just be extra, haha. Plus, I highly doubt PC gaming is going anywhere, not yet at least. This next generation of consoles, along with PC, will most likely be the last though. Cloud based gaming is where it's going to be. That's why I'm picking up and OUYA in June. Also, you can hook it up to your PC and you can program your own games. I have 2 IT friends here at work that are looking into it.

Just like Grandma's Boy, I might be a 34 year old video game tester/programmer, lol


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Ya, but you can do all that other stuff with a very basic PC. I have an HD Tuner and DVR for my PC.

I spent 4400 on my PC 5 years ago. Granted I can still play BF3 on blow settings, but I would not make even half that investment now. Especially since you can do all that avoiding cable stuff with the new 720 and PS4. External hard drive/DVR, Netflix, prime, etc.

Heck, I have all that stuff on my PS3 now.
I'm not saying I'm not getting a PS4, Xbox 720 or Wii U. I have every intention of owning all three of those consoles, including my PC, by the end of the year. I'm putting a current "hobby" on a permanent hold so I need something to keep me occupied, lol

The PC I'm planning to build will be under $1000 for all of the hardware. My IT friends are installing the software for me

I'm just tired of wasting money on cable and I have nothing set to record on the DVR.

Here's the OUYA that is coming out next month. I hope it doesn't flop, the big 3 need some competition

This game is making my decision difficult on whether I would get it on a console or PC

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The big 3?? It's already down the the big 2. Nintendo isn't going to even try to touch what Microsoft and Sony are doing.

Software install is cake and free. 1k isn't going to be much of a gaming PC. Hell, a graphics card that will keep up with the next gen consoles is 600+ by itself.

You need motherboard 150
Processor 400
Vid card 600
Power supply 200
Ram 200
OS 150
Disc drive 100
Case, fans, etc 200 min
And this is for mid level.

Oh ya, good mouse and keyboard 200+

And a monitor worth watching it on when your significant other is on the TV. 250. Lol


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I'm not trying to get ya down buddy. Just being realistic.

I've been wanting to upgrade mine too, but it's working and developers have been saying they are steering away from the PC and towards the next gens. Plus you an do all the extra stuff you want on your PC with the next gens. Save the 2k for a nice trip with your lady. Haha

Big Hock

I've always been an avid pc gamer as I prefer the mouse and keyboard for FPS games like Call Of Duty, but even I'm leaning towards learning how to use that damn Xbox controller lol. It's just not worth the $$$ anymore to make a pc as capable as the consoles, and you don't have to upgrade your console every two years either.
No worries Loomis, you're not raining on my parade. I'm building one regardless, lol

I haven't started yet, and it'll probably take me months to complete it but the math adds up.

Cable + TiVo = $120/mo
$120 x 12 months = $1440

My PC at under $1000 and adding Hulu+ ($20/mo?) = $1240

It'll pay for itself within the year. Won't have to worry about my wife wanting to use the TV since we won't have cable. A Roku in the bedroom will have Amazon Prime, Hulu+ and Netflix just like the living room
Here is my "wishlist" so far. I'll probably start by ordering the tower and motherboard first. The last 2 things I'm going to buy are the video card and processor but I have some on my list that I'm eyeing for now


Video card


The other stuff is just a Blu-ray player, wifi card, power supply (500w,) 500gb HD (temporary)


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500w is too small. My 600 struggled and died. Ended up with 750.

So Hulu 20 a month?
Netflix 8.99 and going up.
Amazon prime? Another 10-20?

You can still watch all the basic networks in HD over the air for free.
Actually I think I overestimated on Hulu+, pretty sure it's $9.99mo

Netflix is $8.99 for 2 users at once or $11.99 for up to 4 users

Amazon Prime pays for itself in second day air on almost everything, the streaming is just an added bonus. Comes out to less than $7/mo but you have to pay it up front. I think it's $86/yr

I'm planning to add this antenna to pull local HD channels

The IT manager here said all I needed was a 500w, this one

And the case I'm looking at


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Cooler master 932 Haf. Corsair H100 push pull Antec Tricool 120mx4. 140mm AeroCool Shark Red led case fan x2. Front 230 x 30 mm red LED Case fan. Side 230 x 30 mm case fan. Bottom Rosewill 120mm case fan. Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16Gb at 2005. Asus Gtx680DC2 4gb. Western Digital Caviar black 1tb. 120gb Samsung SSD 840. Corsair HX1000WPsu. Amd [email protected] ASUS VK248H-CSM Black 24" 2ms (GTG) HDMI.

That's my Rig. Enjoy your build and do it right the first time. I noticed your looking at the sabertooth its a killer board but I would go for the Asus crosshair V its even better and im sure has all the bugs worked out by now. Its got better on board sound. And a lot more things to play with.
I might be getting my friends old pc and just update it little by little. He said it's still capable of playing most things but he has a good case that can be easily upgraded. I'll probably be getting it in a few weeks and hope to start upgrading it soon after.

It's been nearly 10 years since I've built a PC from scratch, lol


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I need to upgrade my video card. My 8800GTX still works great, when it's not freezing.

Then I need to upgrade ram. In order to do that I need to upgrade the motherboard. When I do that I need a new processor as my quad core won't work with a new MB.

It just keeps going and going...