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PCI 4 Link Pro Question


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Just got this installed in our 4 seat RZR and on our maiden Baja voyage only the driver can hear clearly. I tried all 3 corider plugs and when the driver talks it comes in very faint and a bit static-y. Volume and squelch don't do anything to help either. We didn't bring the coriders PTT button with us so could that be it? We tried different helmets and had the same issue.



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The PTT wouldn't have any effect on the quality of the co-riders mic. That only allows you to key the radio. One thing to always check, which it sounds like you did, is change connectors around to try and isolate the problem. Try plugging the co-rider cable into the driver port and use the driver helmet, then the co-rider helmet, and see if the problem follows the cable. If it does, that's your problem right there. If the problem follows the helmet, then it's the helmet kit. If the problem is not able to be isolated through process of elimination, then it may possibly be an issue with the intercom itself. Make sure you don't have a bad mic on the driver helmet too! I know @PCI Race Radios is here on the forum, but you may want to try calling them.