Pdg practice at perris auto speedway a success


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Crandon, WI. (April 21, 2009)- The weather was scorching this weekend but that did not stop Short Course Off Road’s finest from taking the track in Perris, California. Johnny Greaves, along with newly signed teammate Jeremy McGrath were tearing up the track in their Monster Energy trucks.
Practice was streamed live from both Tracking International and Totally Off Road Radio; updates were also streamed via Twitter so fans at home could get a taste of the action

Many teams spent a lot of time getting their tires dialed in for 2009; AMSOIL drivers Scott Douglas and Mike Oberg were consulting closely with Kuhmo throughout the day Monday. Rob MacCachren and BFG were also giving tires a full run through before the season begins. Traxxas’ Mark and Mike Jenkins had their taste of the action, crashing at one point, but their talented team of mechanics were able to get the truck back in on the action by the second round of practice.

The Traxxas Pace Truck was on site to give sponsors and media a ride that they will surely never forget. Jim Holthus of Totally Off Road Radio took a spin around Perris Auto Speedway with Red Bull’s Ricky Johnson. On Monday, Brian Deegan took to the wheel of the VORE truck for a few intense laps side by side with fierce duo Greaves and McGrath as well as Rockstar’s Todd LeDuc.

“This was a great weekend for teams, media, and sponsors to prepare for the upcoming season opener at Texas Motor Speedway May 15th and 16th.” Stated Ricky Johnson, owner of TORC.
“The track we have today is just a small taste of what is to come when we are back here at Perris for Round 2. We also want thank AMSOIL for putting on this practice for the drivers, they have done a phenomenal amount to promote our drivers and our series.”

The Traxxas TORC Series- The Off Road Championship, presented by AMSOIL is the world’s premier off road series, bringing together the best of Midwest short course off-road racing with exciting new Western State venues. TORC drivers push the limits with action-packed fender pounding on challenging natural terrain racetracks. The season kicks off May 15, 2009 at Texas Motor Speedway. For more information on TORC please visit www.torcseries.com.