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California City, CA – March 21, 2016 – No doubt that Kent Perkins, with Navigator Abel Perez, both from Bakersfield, CA have set the racing standard for the 2016 AVE PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES season: Better be fast, run clean, no flats and get around them quickly, or you’ll be looking at the #1014 dust all day long. That is what it is going to take to beat this dynamic duo of the desert.

Perkins/Perez (Polaris 900 – Perkins Insurance Service) took the lead from the first lap and never looked back. It was a fast course and they set the fastest time of the day on their second lap when they logged a :27:53-min lap, to leave everyone else scratching their head. This is after they started eighth in line and with very little wind at the start, they maneuvered around lots of dust. Once in the clear, however, there was nobody to catch them again. They repeated their Overall and Pro 1000 Class win with a six-lap time of 2:50:18 hrs, a good four minutes ahead of second overall.

That spot went to UTV Driver, Up Front Motorsports, Elka, ITP and PRP-sponsored Polaris XP of Bradley Howe and Jason Godde. Their time of 2:54:28 hrs. was also almost four minutes ahead of the third Overall and Class finishers, Nick Nelson, and Paulina Nelson. Noteworthy was the fact that the Nelson’s (ATV World, DWT Tires & Wheels, Glazz Kraft, Beard Seats - Polaris 2016 RZ), started second to last in the field or 29th, that’s thirteen minutes behind the first vehicle off the line. Talking about fighting through dust and traffic and all kinds of little demons on the 125-mile course. Their third Overall and third in the Pro 1000 Class is quite and achievement.

But the fun racing was between 4th and 7th place where the time separating all four was less than a minute: Sea Provost’s time was a 2:59:13,followed by Cain Smead’s 3:02:20, and was followed by Mike Nix and Steve Scheider by one second behind (3:02:21), and Phil Burton was just ten seconds behind with a time of 3:02:31! Whew!

Tracking the vehicles in the race was nice for race promoter, Lou Peralta, who stated, “We only had three penalties and they were minor, each being 30-seconds. Otherwise, these racers ran an almost perfect race. I guess the IRC Trackers make everyone play on the same field. We like it!”

Of course, this second event of the young season continues to prove that Peralta’s theory of running his races with mostly GPS markings is proving to be practical, more advanced, using new-age technology, and most importantly, his constant worries about people taking down sections of a course to have fun or be malicious, is basically done away with. Peralta is very happy and so is Race Director Alan Bell, who have spent considerable amount of time and effort remarking courses to make sure no one “fools around with our markings,” according to Bell.

What is GPS-Based? Simply, this year racers are encouraged to get a good “Navigator” to help with the course. For the most part, the course will be void of the expected ribbons and arrows. The idea is to allow racer and navigator to work in concert during the race, using a GPS unit. By doing so, the team now is made up of two very important people; the “Driver” and the “Navigator.” A number of racers after the January event and this past event a lot of racers commented that they had driven better than they can remember because they concentrated solely on the course and followed the precise directions of the navigator. That was the idea behind the GPS-Based Series.

For this next event, the PURE “150” – APRIL 23, all classes will negotiate a 50-mile course and complete three laps to become official finishers.

In 2016, points are also awarded to Driver, Co-Driver, and Navigator(s). Everyone gets points towards the end of the year Points Championship Banquet.

The 2016 PURE UTV OFF-ROAD DESERT SERIES consists of six events, from which the top five finishers in points by race are used to compete for the Overall and Class Championships. All races will be in Southern California, primarily in California City, CA at the Alta Vista Ranch. Although we have been informed that there may be a mid-year surprise of a different race location. Nothing official as yet.

Dates for the PURE UTV Series are as follows: PURE #3 – April 23; PURE #4 –July 16 (night race); PURE #5 – September 10; and PURE #6 – October 22 (a double points race).

Current 2016 Series and Contingency Sponsors are PCI Race Radios-Official Race Radios, Lawrence Racing & Lawrence Equipment, IRC-Official Tracking Co, Peralta Designs, Supercharger Films, AVR, Baja Designs-Official Lights, UTV Driver, Ready2Print-Official Graphics Company, SUNOCO, DWT Wheels and Tires, Rugged Radios, Lazerstar, Can-Am, Mad-Media, KC Hilites, UTV Underground, BP Graphics and Octofilms.

For more details, please visit: or contact them at – 661.524.1550 –

For the money, you can’t find a better organization to race your UTV/SXS with, than with AVE/BAJA PROMOTIONS!