Pflueger Pfouled!


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"None of these are cause to travel backwards on the racecourse. In each of these situations the proper course of action is to push the vehicle off the racecourse."

Isnt that a judgement?? And how do you push a trophy truck off a racecourse with two guys??

Reese--obviously you know what you are talking about, but dont you think that if the truck was a safety concern to them or other racers that they could have needed to get it of the course fast?

FYI.........I have not affiliation to Pfluger Racing at all.........



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man the Chargers surprise me


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"Yes, our race was already over, and we made the best decision at the time to ensure the safety not only of the teams still on course, but the safety of Alan and Mike as well."

This is the part I like. How one can rationalize going backward on the course to ensure the safety of teams still on the course is beyond me. I'm sure is this was proved to be true Macpherson would still be racing the TT and The Fodor's would still be racing MDR.

That's why there's a rule prohibiting this action in every organization. It's not safe, period. Judging by the "public relations" response we've already received on behalf of Pflueger Racing, it doesn't seem likely that they'll admit carelessness in their actions.


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Well said. It's a DQ offense PERIOD. It was admitted and it should be drilled into every chase person's head, NEVER to do it again. Done, over. No them vs. us, everyone, take heed. And have a nice day.


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<<Isnt that a judgement??>>

I was saying I would make no judgment as to this specific matter

<<And how do you push a trophy truck off a racecourse with two guys??>>

Several ways come to mind . . . flagging down a fellow racer; sending in a chase truck via the proper direction; local spectators.

<<dont you think that if the truck was a safety concern to them or other racers that they could have needed to get it of the course fast?>>

Absolutely, but in a safe manner that is consistant with the rules.



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How about we just think about what could have happened? It has been said that this was done for safety reasons. What would have happened if there was a head on collision? What kind of safety issue is that? I would say that the issue of a possible head on collision, especially one where a vehicle was traveling at 80-90mph, is a bigger safety issue then a race car rearending a truck on the race course. Since a truck can be pushed off course, I don't think that would have even happened though. So anyway, people have slapped the hand and I am sure we will not see this again anytime soon, hopefully never. So what happened with the truck??? Could it have been pushed off course? Was it on a cliff? What broke? What's the story?

My 2 cents--are we at a dollar yet?


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I have a comment on the Pflueger team. We were at Coco's Corner and were almost out of gas in the H2. Seems the BFG guys at Puertocitos mistakenly thought we had a full tank and didn't give us any. We approached John, in the Coco's Corner Pflueger Pit, where their car was sitting, obviously out of the race. We asked if we could buy some fuel from them and he told us he would give us the fuel if we would repay the favor by helping out someone else in trouble down the road. We won the Stock Full class in the H1 for the fourth year in a row and because of the Pflueger guys, we were able to finish (4th) in the H2, which rolled about 300 miles later, while leading the class. I don't know about these other rumors being spread about their team, but in my limited experience they seem like the sort of people who care about the sport and the people in it.

On behalf of Team HUMMER, I would personally like to thank John and the Pfluegerites for their generousity and offer our assistance to them any time they need it.


George R. Thompson, Mgr.
Rod Hall Team HUMMER


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John was having posting problems so he asked me to post this for him:

Thanks George,
First of all, I would like to apologize to anyone that might have been affected
by my decision to recover our truck. Looking back, it probably was not the best
idea. I would also like to take this opportunity to THANK the entire PFLUEGER
RACING TEAM. For those of you who don't know, after I called everyone and told
them that our race was over, These guys did not just pack up and go home. They
stayed out there to see if anyone else would need help. Just ask Baldwin, Vildosola,
Miller/Arcerio, Ebberts, Voyles and I am sure there are others that I have not
heard about yet. These guys just don't quit, they are out there for the love of
the sport and to be a part of an awesome team. So no matter what happens....
you love us, you hate us, or you race against us, when you are out in the middle
of nowhere and you see the TIKI, there will always be someone there ready to help
you out.

John Hoffman
Pflueger Racing


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" I don't know about these other rumors being spread about their team, but in my limited experience"

This is not a "rumor". I saw it with my own two eyes and reported what I saw. I have not said anything bad about the Pflueger team. I hear they are great people, but that is only rumor, because I don't know.

Your comments on the team are valed, but don't negate this incident.

I think it's great that they now say it was a bad decision. That's it, end of story. Thank God nobody got hurt


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Well bash me all you want but if I was in Pfluegers position, and had a heli and a high dollar prerunner that could get me out quick and felt it was safe enough to do so, I would have done the same damn thing.......Ive gone backwards on the course when chasing for my dad in 97 at the 500, about 20 miles back in a canyon, hate to say it but its a mexico thing. I know plenty of teams have done this, admitting it is a different story. I think people like to be able to "correct, or point a finger at such a powerful team." All the bashing, correcting, and pointing is always at powerful big name teams. Funny how a man died and you dont really here about it because its not a U.S. big named team that took his life. Another thing thats annoying is the idiot that radio'd weather man saying baldwins going backwards on the course, so quick to point the finger. I guess if you have a big name and a lot of mula you'll have people who love you, and people who hate you. If you want to be safe and sound stay home keep your race car in the garage, and definetely stay out of mexico, because there will always be a racer or chaser going backwards..........

PS. I also am not affiliated with the pfluegers or baldwins, and do not know them personally.

Having a big name high dollar tt team is like being a movie star, they're watching every move you make..........

ONLY MY O P I N I O N !!!!!! BASH AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wasn't there so I don't know.....but~

Did the prerunner/chase vehicle have numbers on it? Was this the reason for the Baldwin reference?

Also, just because it's a "Mexico thing" doesn't make it right. He broke the rules, period! He could have used a slower speed (even w/a helo escort), instead of supposedly going 70-80 mph.

Also, if it was a blind turn, co-dog goes to warn on coming traffic. If not, they need to radio weatherman to spread the word. If that doesn't work, there are many options mentioned previously.

I also am thankful nobody was hurt. Hopefully this won't happen again....or they won't get caught???


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Q: did the chase/prerunner have numbers on it?
A: Does it matter? Wrong info was sent to weatherman regardless..

"just because its a "Mexico thing" doesnt make it right." Your right it doesnt, but is still excercised every 500 and thousand...but only brought up about highly recognized teams...

"He broke the rules, PERIOD" Your right again, but he was already broke so it doesnt matter....

Speeds are always bumped up quite a bit kinda like wheel travel.....

I agree thank god nobody was hurt....

Once again this is a problem that will always be here unless there are rules brought about by score, That will suspend your season or atleast the following race. If the rules stay the way they are now there will be plenty of wrong way driving......


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I would say this post is done, Im sure that the point was taken and taken well. Let them lick there wounds and well see them in laughlin ....


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" I think people like to be able to "correct, or point a finger at such a powerful team." All the bashing, correcting, and pointing is always at powerful big name teams."

I had no idea who's pre-runner it was when I reported it to weatherman. I reported it because it was a dangerous event taking place on the course. I would have reported it if I had known it was a Class 11 team or Pflueger, so you are wrong in your assumption.

It was thought to be "Baldwins" because it looked alot like Baldwins. I'm guessing that someone from the Honda team saw Baldwins somewhere and thought they knew which one it was (you can see Baldwins pre-runner in another thread here). That mistake was corrected a couple of hours after it was made, and was corrected by Weatherman in a big way.


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Damn, I guess if your on top you better watch your back around here. Going by some of the comments its obvious some of these people have never raced or if you have you sure havent raced in mexico. No, you should go backwards on the courseand i'm sure Pflueger knows this, but you also have to remember this isnt MDR where you have 2 or 3 roads to get you anywhere on a 45 mile course for him to go from Coco's Corner to Portacedus on the highway I't would have taken about 8 hours. I no it still doesnt make it right but any racer in that situation would have done the same thing Mexico's one place you dont want to f!@# around in especially at night. Again if you have raced there you no what I mean and if you havent you'll never understand. If this happened to my race truck I would have done the same thing.

But what you guy's dont no is Pflueger's crew was like main pit for a lot of hammered cars at Coco's I saw them weld up a lot of cars and get them back on their way to the finish when they could have just boned out and not helped anybody like most big teams do when their day is done. On that note If people on this board would put as much effort into pointing out the good and not the bad maybe this sport might grow.


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Perhaps all would be better if the chase truck / prerunner was driving at a sane speed while driving to a non emergency (that's what the helo is for, right?). The racecars had to abide by a speed limit why couldn't this guy? Sounds like an overzealous chase guy to me. Sounds like these guys won't do it again, but who will do it next?

Not Pflueger bashing, I'm just asking people to slow down. That busted up racecar isn't going anywhere until you get there, and if you don't get there at all, everyone's day is done.

Let this one go, I think that we have made our point.

-Brian. (congratulations dp racing, Baja 1000 winners and class 21 champions)


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Attention Bro's.......Story was told, discussed and Team Tiki took responsibility for their actions. Maybe the thread could be ended now...or maybe locked.



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First of all, I would like to apologize to anyone that might have been affected
by my decision to recover our truck. Looking back, it probably was not the best

[/ QUOTE ]

John has stepped up to the plate and apologized, saying that in retrospect it wasn't the best thing to do so lets drop it. The Pfleugers are a first class team who do a lot for this sport and are always willing to lend a helping hand to anybody who needs it so lets accept their apology and let it go.

I think John should be commended for stepping up and apologizing and saying what he did was wrong. I don't see any of you defending their actions by saying you've done the same thing apologizing.

Has anyone seen Fish's baseball?