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Discussion in 'Desert Racing' started by Fidel, Apr 6, 2010.



  1. MIKES RACE PHOTO - Assassinated By Cameron Crash

  2. HIGH REV - Camera Cart Wheel

  3. ART E PHOTO - Lawn Dart Chromoly Crunch

  1. Fidel

    Fidel Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2001
    Hesperia, California, USA
    It's rare that I make my way over here to RDC. But after a brief review of a Mint photo thread and seeing some great shots, I thought it a good idea to have a photo showdown. Can't offer any dough as of yet but will offer a tweet or two to the winner's URL of choice. And

    While I am more into consistency than the few lucky snaps of the shutter that one might earn during a chance crash scene, the three nominees for best Mint photo I present are nevertheless worthy, in part due to the nature of the event captured. Judging other great shots that did not include the crash shots captured during race qualifying is merely moot in nature. These are good shots.

    Please vote and provide a quick critique or note of encouragement. If there are any nominations you'd like to add, please provide an attachment with commentary. Here are my nominations.


    • NO. 1 - Mikes Race Photo - Captures the essence of off-road race photography as well as the forsaken media lifestyle and puts into perspective the perils of one man's plight to get it right when behind the wheel of a Trophy Truck.


    • NO. 2 - High Rev - Good action shot. Way to be there.


    NO. 3 - Art E Photo - Good shot. But perhaps not the greatest of shots in the excellent photo sequence from Art, but it remains one of my favorite of the showdown. Gotta love the grit of the famed lawn dart maneuver being executed to the detriment of the a-arms.


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