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May 29, 2021
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Why not do both? If he or anyone else is going to shoot photos its not hard to post on a forum and IG, plus you get both audiences. Also IG only allows 10 photos per post so there's that problem if you want to share a ton of photos. And it's not easy to get followers like it used to be. When I bought the Off Road Action website the Facebook account quickly grew from under 10k to 100k within a year or two. That was back in 2012/2013. Then Facebook changed their algorithms and whatever else behind the scenes and the growth suddenly stopped because they wanted you to pay for likes. And its been hovering around 100k for a few years now. I've noticed the same on IG since FB bought it. And similar situations for the RDC and Dezert People social accounts.

I agree that many people sign up here and don't post, or it takes awhile for them to start posting. You don't need to be a forum user to browse these threads but there are a couple areas like Purple where you need to be.

I'm sure you know this but RDC is not just a forum. We have tons of great content on the homepage (race coverage, feature vehicles), plus results/maps(yes those are in the forum) and the classifieds. Many people browse those daily and don't participate in the forum.
I enjoy this site. Bought my first sand car off the classified section here over 10 years ago. Have been a loooong time lurker but have recently created an acct and tried to engage in the forum section (Maybe too much as I’m sure I’ve already irritated a few of y’all 😂)

This site is great. I enjoy it. Just stating that for OP there are likely better options to utilize when sharing photos. Agree to disagree is ok with me👍🏻

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May 11, 2021
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Curt, you could have thousands of new users on this site but if no one posts anything or discusses in the topics, what’s the point of a forum?

Sure, there is tons of valuable information archived on this site that I would imagine most of those new users have created accounts for- in order to unlock or see those posts/images.

They obviously aren’t creating accounts to participate actively in this forum as it’s the same 6 people commenting on every post lol.

I can promise you when people want to see pictures of the last races they are not running home and logging onto rd.com. They’re swiping away aimlessly on Instagram to see all the action on their drive home, hence why I recommended OP to take his hobby there. I can almost garuntee he will get more likes, comments, followers and overall engagement on that platform versus this forum. Just my 0.02
I think you are about 5-10 years late on this comment regarding RDC specifically. IG is great for sharing content but one important thing to remember is that you are the product on those platforms and technically you own nothing once its posted...
We did see a decline in posts and new user signups years ago when FB and IG took off, but not as drastic as many other forums. And in the last 1.5+ years we've seen a steady rise in traffic and users signing up. Most likely because of the censorship and other BS going on with most social media. There are many people not logged in that browse RDC daily as well.
i am relatively new to RDC and am really glad I found this site and forum as I am am one of those people that has no IG / Fb or any other type of “social media “ type of account… I canceled my Fb almost ten years ago when it became apparent to me of how much they can track and store my information. Their current state of their censorship has been way out of control!,
With RDC it has and is very interesting and educational with its wide rage of formats,experience,expertise and opinions
Please keep posting pictures also👊🏻👍🏻
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Feb 8, 2008
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Brooooo, there are so many IG accounts that REVOLVE around racing these days. You can get live streams and IG story videos of a crash before the driver even knows they have crashed these days. RD is not the first place to have the highlights/photos/excitement by any means.

Sure, some photogs will post here afterwards with their highlighted photos from the weekend (this thread) and race Dezert does do nice write ups after the races, 100%. But if you’re arguing that Instagram doesn’t keep you in the loop MORE than this website, you’re following the wrong IG pages or you haven’t taken your medications yet tonight.

This is definitely a generational thing here. I’d bet you and curt are “old school” dudes. But go ahead and ask your kids/grandkids how they stay informed about the races/results/highlight clips and pics and I’ll promise you their response is not “logging in every morning and checking rd” They’ve already seen that info 2 days ago on IG

Moral of the story- sorry OP for high jacking your thread 😂 the pics are great, post them here, post them there, post them every where!

But IG will 100% get your more engagement, besides the idiots (me) who took this thread sideways real quick and kept this thread at the top for ya 👍🏻
Well, I'm an "old school dude" myself! I do post some pictures on FB because I can post a bunch of pictures, #names, #the event, #the promoter, and I then direct them to RDC to see more photos. It is far easier to respond to requests on RDC, mostly from the limited classes and budget teams. IG is for some reason hard for me to get a handle on, (I'm old!!) and 80% of people on RDC are racers or off-road lovers, and RDC is the platform I'm most comfortable with. I have huge respect for the Media guys out there, eating tons of dust with their thousands of dollars of gear, because standing down wind gives them the better lighting, driving and hiking miles to get to a good spot, and the hours of editing. I've met some of them, and made friends with a few. I'm stuck at 1 spot sitting in my RZR with my $250 Nikon Coolpix. I sometimes get lucky and have a spot where there is a little action, Sometimes it's in a speed zone and it's like taking pictures at an Easter parade. Whether it's a shot throwing a roost, busting through some silt, or driving 25 mph through a orange cone forest, I try and get something of everyone, and some turn out good, some not so good, Some are exciting, some not so much, but I got the satisfaction that people were looking at them, and some liked them. My efforts at editing comprise of finding a cool shot, making sure it's in focus, (not all are with an auto focus camera) maybe cropping it, and posting it up. I thought that my shots would give people that couldn't be there, or racers that normally don't get to see themselves racing a thread to see some of the action. It's not an ego thing, some of my shots are s**t, sometimes I get lucky, but if no one is looking at them, why go through the effort was my point in putting the camera down. I've gotten some pretty positive feedback here and on FB to keep the photos coming, so for now, I'll keep dragging my 6" x 8" camera bag with me to the races. See you at Parker, (if it happens) the Mint and Rage.
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