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phx to baja


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does anyone have any info on the best way to get to ensenada from phx? and also any info on crossing the border like what time they open and close? any info would be much appreciated. thanks

Curtis Guise

Sorry, I can't tell you the best way to get there, but I can give you some border info.

To my knowledge the border never closes. You can cross when you want. Just keep in mind if you cross during peak hours in the daytime, there could be a long wait. Especially coming home through the Tijuana crossing into San Diego. Be sure to bring a copy of your birth cirtificate, and or Passport if you have one. It's about an hour to Ensenada from the border at the Tijuana crossing. And if you go that way, be careful driving through Tijuana, and watch the signs....
The Tecate crossing is usually quick.

I'm sure someone can give you good directions....



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Bubnel, last year when I went to the 2000, we crossed at "Tecate". I believe that crossing is open from 6am-12am-not sure on that.

Basically, take the I-8 to the Cal Hwy 94 exit after Jacumba and Boulevard. It's a pretty wind-y road. Just after "Potrero", there will be a small sign for Cal Hwy 188. You're only 3 miles from the border. Turn left on 188. Across the border, watch the signs for Mex 3. It's a pretty busy area. Once on Mex 3, stay with that until you're in Ensenada. Go to the left (South) Where Mes 3 meets Mex 1. I'll be making the same trip early on Friday morning. See you there!


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Some of the smaller border crossings do have hours where there closed, coming from PHX you'll probably come across I-8 and cross into Mexico at Mexicali or Tecate, don't know the exact hours that they are open, I believe Mexicali is always open and Tecate shuts down - I'm not sure. Hopefully someone has more useful info.


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I agree. Coming from Yuma it is best in my opinion to cross at Tecate. The terrain from Tecate to Ensenada is very scenic. I also agree that the border at Tecate closes at midnight and opens up at 6am CA time. Much better drive than going all the way to SD, crossing at TJ and doing the toll road thing all the way to Ensenada. I'll be traveling the road on Thursday pm.

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The Tecate and Mexicali East crossings are open everyday from 0600 to 2200. TJ and Mexicali Main are 24-hours open. Tecate is about a 1000 times easier and certainly less stressful than TJ! Take Tim's directions ... I.e., off at Boulevard and head west.


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