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Picks for Parker


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With the new two race event this years Parker should be some pretty good racing i always like seeing the some picks happen on the first race of the year.

TT- Kemp, Lofton, voss
C1500- Berri, parkhouse


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Lofton or Luke.. I REALLY hope Josh Daniel can break his bad luck streak at Parker. That truck flat out gets it but Parker hasn't been so nice to Josh over the years, hopefully he can pull off a solid finish this year!


Either: Luke, Dan or Andy; or Dan, Andy or Luke; or Andy, Luke or Dan


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I'm guessing McMillin(Dan) or Lofton. Should make it interesting when Menzies takes over for Jesse Jones. Field is still stacked, plenty of great teams. Wonder if anyone will knock Dondel off the pole this year?


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Will RG be running his truck or a rented Geiser from RPM?

OA I'll go:
1. Rob Mac
2. Gary Weyhrich
3. Andy Mc

Wild Card - RG in a Geiser

Long Shot - Steve Strobel ............................ 6100 = T. Smiley
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Obviously i want my driver to win so i am going to say #55 Terzo but what's more realistic is:
class 1400 - RobMac, Voss, or Whelchel
class 1500 - Parkhouse
class 6100 - Sourapas, Whitehead
class 1000 - Cooley, Pfankuch


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I don't remember seeing him in a 6100. What race was that? I looked up the 2015 425 and he's in his tt.
RG raced the ex 6100 truck Apdaly used to race in 6100. Bigger engine put in and raced the 2015 Mint 400 and took 2nd.
RG on his website has been testing his trophy truck for Parker