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Pikes Peak


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With the run up the mountain taking place this week, I was watching some old runs of Rod Millen in both of his Toyota's. I got to wondering how he would fair with the paved road with either of the Celica or the Tacoma. Both were fabulous cars but I wonder if either of them could beat the Peugeot?


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At Goodwood festival of speed Hillclimb, the Tacoma was about 1/2 a second slower than the peugeot 208 T16 up the hill climb on some older BFG dirt tires.

I think if he gave the keys to Rhys it would be right up there i think.

I was lucky enough to go on a tour through his barn with some of his race cars over here in NZ, a few people asked about the peugeots time and Rod wasn't all that impressed with the time. I got the impression that he thought on slicks the Celica and Tacoma could give the peugot a run for it money



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I just saw he has the Celica over here to do an exhibition run. How slow is this going to be?

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