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Pirate's Cove presents the Knotty Pine 250


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This is a can't miss race , just ask anyone that has been there. Race starts and ends in the middle of town , the pits are just out side of town. Lots of things to do , 4 state parks just 20 miles away and miles of great trail riding and the tree bar has nothing on the Knotty Pine casino
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LOL, I could care less if there was money brought up there, I enjoyed not having crowds and so many drunk boat drivers up in the Topock Gorge.
There have always been drunk aholes at Topock for as long as I can remember. Something about that murky water draws them in


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Clickbait!!!! I was excited about a race at this place...


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Ugh...…..Pirates Cove...…..That place ruined my section of the river with crowds!!!!!
They sponsor a off-road race and this is your post? Maybe you should post it on a river complaint forum.


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some rooms left

Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa
Highway 93 to Youth Center Drive on north end of Caliente
(775) 726-3777

Midway Motel
251 N Spring St.
(775) 726-3199
Mull's Midaway Motel | Cheapest Motel in Caliente Nevada

Rainbow Canyon Motel
900 Front St.
(775) 726-3291

Shady Motel
430 Front St.
(775) 726-3106
Motel in Caliente, Nevada | Shady Motel
Cathedral Gorge Vacation Home
109 South US HWY 93
Panaca, Nevada
(775) 728-4263
Cathedral Gorge Inn Vacation Home

Pine Tree Inn and Bakery
412 N. Third St.
(775) 728-4675

Hutchings Motel
411 LaCour St.
(775) 962-2583
Home – Hutchings Motel

Motherlode Motel
378 LaCour Street
(775) 962-5159
Motherlode Motel

Mount Wilson Ranch
8302 Mount Wilson Ranch Road
(775) 724-3112
Welcome to Mount Wilson Ranch – Located right outside Pioche, NV

Overland Hotel & Saloon
662 Main Street
PO Box 210
Pioche, NV 89043
(775) 962-5895
Email: [email protected]
Home - The Overland Hotel & Saloon

Pioche Highland Hideaway
Pioche, Nevada

Tillie’s Mini Mart/Wright Cabins
704 Main Street
(775) 962-5205
Tillie's Mini Mart & Wrights Country Cabins


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the course is 63 miles long a little longer than last year ,start and main pit the same as last year. The new section is up in the trees . 90% the same as last year. Caliente is at 4500 ft and the track runs to 6500ft lots of sand washes and fire roads.


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Any RV/camping locations?

Agua Caliente RV Park
1000 N Spring S
(775) 726-3399

Kershaw-Ryan State Park
Just outside of Caliente
(775) 726-3564
Kershaw-Ryan State Park | State Parks

Young’s RV Park
1350 Front St.
(775) 726-3418

Cathedral Gorge State Park
Hwy 93, Just north of Panaca
(775) 728-4460

Camp Camelot
(775) 962-5676
campcamelot.us - Registered at Namecheap.com

Eagle Valley Resort
12555 Resort Rd. – 15 miles east of Pioche
(775) 962-5293

Echo Canyon State Park
State Route 322 – 12 miles east of Pioche
(775) 962-5103
Echo Canyon State Park | State Parks

Pioche RV Park
462 Bush Street
(775) 962-3772

Roll Inn RV Park & Laundry
387 Main Street
(775) 962-5735

Spring Valley State Park
State Route 322 – 20 miles east of Pioche
(775) 962-5102
Spring Valley State Park | State Parks


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Love me some Caliente. Wish I could make it this year. With Memorial Day and commitments for the 500 I just can’t make it happen. Need to get back