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Pistol OK?


Capt. Hindsight
Heard the same thing about possible UTV accident? Hoping for the best.

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Wow that really sucks. Sounds like it’s true though.

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Mike Palmer

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Ugh, def pit in my gut. He was always real good to me even tho I was nobody in the desert circle. Vaya con dios Pistola.


@BANNED4LIFE is as old as this website. Has always lurked around one way another and where so many times we didn't see eye to eye what I value the most in Pete is his authenticity. And once you get to know him behind that big mouth you also see a caring side that goes out of his way to help others simply because he can.

Pete you will be missed.


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Damn... crappy news. Always looked forward to what he had to say about anything.

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What a kick in the nuts. He wasn't always correct, but he was a generous caring person.


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blue dog

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I loved that he had no mouth filter, and just didn't care what you thought about him. As well as running with the big dogs on a shoestring budget.
Godspeed Pistol.


Have not posted here in a couple of years, i lost my old email but did not expected to start my first post with a sad one.

God speed pistola!!


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This is so sad.....we are a big family, whether or not everyone agrees with each other, or gets along - still a big, racing family. My heart goes out to those closest to him - this has to be such a huge shock.


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Rest in piece

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