Pistol OK?


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I have been away from RDC for a while (sold the 12 car a few years ago before moving) so I don't come around as much anymore. Since hearing about Pistol I have been back every day to read the posts on this thread. I miss Pete, and I didn't even know him like many of you.
I only met Pete a couple/three time or so when he came to Texas to race. I always enjoyed my conversations with him and when Pete found facebook where he couldn't be banned (but he had the power to ban/block people) I friended him right away. He always kept my feed interesting to say the least. I admired the crap out Pete. He was the underdog who scratched his way up to play with the big boys on-top of building/selling his own trucks when he couldn't find what he wanted. But from following him on Facebook I saw the other side of Pete and what he was probably greatest at, being a dad, husband and friend. I never thought I would be this emotional about someone I knew so casually passing but I find myself here on this post every day tearing up reading about Pete confirming my belief that he was truly a great man.

You are deeply missed Pistola, the world was a better place with you in it.


Apparently Pete got some new Tequila "sponsor" and smuggled some sample product in a wooden keg across the border. He was pouring shots in the hotel parking lot after the awards ceremony in Texas.


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Dan200 and fishdood: please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out in any physical aspect. I live in CA but work on Phoenix now so I’m here all week long. My work schedule has me off by 2:30pm (or earlier) every day and with my wife and son back home I have plenty of free time in the afternoon to help out if I can. I don’t have a truck but I can drive one and tow a trailer. I know Pete always has customer projects and race rentals. If the family needs a hand buttoning these things up or picking up/delivering parts or vehicles or whatnot for anything I can probably help. If there’s anything that needs to be done you can get ahold of me on here or instagram.

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Curtis Guise

Where's the video of Pete's endo at a SCORE Laughlin? The TT lands upright, he gets an affirmative reply to his "OK?" and mashes the left pedal?

Classic Petey. He was always "going for the overall" in every endeavor.
I forgot that I had this Laughlin video on Youtube that has Pistol at 1:39 with him nerfing/smashing the back of Chet Huffman's TT and then at the end is the footage of him crashing on the dip on the fast back straight with my footage and the onboard footage. I think that's the shot you are talking about. This video cuts off after he asks if they are alright but in DP it has the longer shot with him driving away. But I am pretty sure the truck was done and they didn't continue racing.


One-Eyed Peter

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I never had the privilege of meeting Pete, but I’ve always been a fan. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I put together a little tribute in the form of a simple bumper sticker. It’s kind of inspired by another true original that told things how they were, Johnny Cash. If people like it, I thought we could sell them for a few bucks each and give proceeds to his family. I have no idea how to figure that out logistically though. Or you can just take the artwork and make your own I guess.



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Baja Champion, Off Road ambassador, Helped develop the race truck rental industry which brought more people into our sport.
Worked in different types of media promoting Baja and Off Road Racing.
Pistol has many different Off Road Racing accomplishments that make him an immediate candidate for induction into the Off Road Hall of Fame !
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This is the Dad that Pete was. Check out this great video that was put together for Fathers day.

Bob O

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Gone way to soon Pete, I know you Cowboy and Weatherman are stirring up some dust in heaven.

X3 Steele

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Wow, just heard / read another post elsewhere last night. Looks like its confirmed.
Another legend gone. RIP

Curtis Guise

I just helped set this up for stickers that Tim at Sign Pros is making for Parker and KOH. Anyone can use this file to post, temporary profile pic, etc...
Update: Stickers will be available at the Parker 425: PCI, Sign pros and Mckenzies booths. At King of the Hammers: SDHQ, PCI and Mckenzies booths will have them. Donations for the family will be accepted for the stickers. No info about shipping stickers at this time.


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These Pistol stickers will (for a donation) be available at Parker and KOH. You can get them by visiting SIGN PROS, SDHQ, PCI or McKenzies. A Big Thank You goes out to SignPros for printing them and Curtis L Guise for handling the art work. All proceeds will go to the Sohren Family.
I know some of you want them and can’t make the races. We aren’t that far along yet but after these events are over we will sort out a way to make that happen.

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I'll never forget the times when he was racing 5-1600 and he would be one of the few stragglers left in the race, "it's Sohren's" and we would run out to the track to give him the big thumbs up for not giving up and pushing on, we always got a thumbs up back.
My kid with Pete.



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Anyone hear what actually happened?
I know it was in the SF dunes but who hit who?


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My Thoughts and prayers are with the Sohren family, Bad things happen to good people, So sorry for your tragic loss.

Words do not come, and just watched his Fathers Day Video. Pistol Pete was a incredible personality that lived his dreams while raising a wonderful Family. He did it with passion and hard work. They call this a Rich mans sport and I can attest that Pistol Pete was Rich where it matters the most, Friends and Family! He was very close to my Father who's friendship started on the Weatherman Relay in Baja many moons ago, Pete broke down and calling for help. After many years of racing my Father for sure showed favoritism on the relays and Pete kept my Father up late many a nights. Outside of racing they went hunting and camping and I wish I had gone with them, one of my regrets for sure! Pete was one of my Fathers last visitors when he was going down fast and they just talked about anything and everything unfiltered and huge opinions, the opposite of politically correct. The last few years Pete helped keep me up late at night on the relay after pitting Page he would help his clients make it to the finish line and he would drive all over Baja for them, the man never slept. I will miss that voice on the radio, Weatherman clear.


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Anybody remember this one from the New Times in Arizona back 2010? It’s a good and long article on Pistol and off-road racing. A good buddy of mine gave me a pretty clean copy just a few months ago. I read the whole article as soon as I got it and keep it in my desk at work. Pete was a good guy and always up for a good conversation.




Here’s a classic whole page ad from the 2006 Score Baja 1000 program .... (Pre Mullet). Like the ad reads “a wanted man at every turn” !!

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