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Pistol OK?

M.Tornel Jr

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RIP PISTOLA, nice guy offered to let me prerun with him for parker a couple of years ago. Terrible news, rdz will definitely not be the same


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Met Pete 20 years ago stadium racing, navigated in his TT 12 ago.
Always enjoyed his zest for life.
He was a character but above all a good dude.
RIP Pistol.


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I'm truly shocked, never met him but felt like I knew him through the different social media platforms. RIP and Godspeed to him and his family. Pete was a one of a kind guy and will truly be missed by everyone that knew him.


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So sad!! Pete was awesome!! I bought an old race truck that he built. I had no idea he had built it. After I bought he gave me all info he remembered on truck. We were at Mint 2 years ago and he came over after parade to see his truck. Dude was genuine!! Saw him at Primm once and he bought me some tacos and had a 2 hour conversation about desert racing!! Sucha cool dude!!


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This down right sucks. Like a lot of you have said, it's a shock. Then it always is when we lose someone, specially one like Pistol Pete. If you have been in Desert racing for 5 minutes, you new who Pistole is. He really was a kind of legand. Right Wrong or Indifferent.


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Saddened and shocked. Love him or hate him, he definitely kept things interesting on here. He will be missed. God speed Pistol!


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Many might not say it, and I did have some issues with his opinions occasionally, but he was one of my heroes for doing what he did with what he had and being somewhat successful. Race in Peace, Pistola.


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Pete and I had our moments... I remember asking him 10 or so years ago if his co-dogs ever pulled the old "Hey Right nut, Hey Left nut, who's the penis in between us" joke while in a race....He had that 3-seat TT of course. I thought it was hilarious...

He called me the golf cart guy, I called him the Harbor Freight legend. Then he and I had a beer, laughed at each-other, made fun of each-other to our faces, and kept in touch via text and random calls over the years. Usually him asking me questions about golf carts and free parts. Beyond my personal interaction, he is exactly what this sport needs, CHARACTER. Not that we have a shortage, we just don't have many out there personalities that aren't afraid to let it all hang out. You either loved him, or you hated him, but you couldn't ignore him. Its a shame he is gone, he was for sure an amazing father and family man. We can't let legends like Pete ever be forgotten and luckily his posts here on RDC will be read for decades. RIP Pistol and condolences to the entire Sohren family and to those who were closest to him.....

Bryan Racing

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My heart goes out to the family. Pete was doing what he loved with who he loved.Our paths crossed over the years but my favorite memory is down at Norra a few years ago while lined up for tech. Pete came walking down the line,now i'm 5'5" so Pete was a giant to me he knew me but as a joke as he got closer,I jumped in front of him and said aren't you that famous pistola guy ? he laughed and said only if I don't owe you any money.As we talked he signed autographs.He always treated me well,and was a real hoot to talk with. RIP Pistol.

Baja Bryan

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Pete danced to the beat of his won drum. One of a kind.. 2 years ago we were stuck in a class 1 prerunning the San Felipe 250. They had ti use two RZR's to pull us out.. Funny to hear him say "Tell your friend Pistol saved you" Race in Peace.......


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Wow. This news is hard to see. Pete did rub me the wrong way but he was good for the sport and helped a lot of people. I always liked the budget way that he would still make a run at the big dogs. I don't know how to process all the thoughts as this is quite a surprise and a reminder that it can happen to any of us at anytime so enjoy each moment you have here and tell the ones you love how much you care.


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Condolences to the family. Never met or knew him but I respected him because he did not sugar coat and told it like it was. Rough around the edges. But when I saw him on the Red Bull video with his family, I knew he was a softie and a great human being.


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He was a legend, hilarious on this forum, my heart breaks for him and his family.

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RIP Pete you will be missed! Prayers for the girls hope they are ok. The off road community lost a great member today. Cheers to Pistola.


DA Meatball
I’m filled with sadness.
Rest In Peace Pete.
Prayers for his family.


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Damnit.....RIP Pete....Prayers for his girls and family...this sucks bad. I did not know him personally, but enjoyed his candid statements, and opinions.

Crusty Shellback

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Never did get to meet Pistola. But watching a few videos of him at the orphanage and literally giving away the shirt off his back, mad respect for Pete.
A true man that would tell it like it is, good, bad, or indifferent, no filters allowed. We need more Pistolas.
Rest in peace.
My condolences to his family and friends. Hope his girls will be OK.