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Pistol OK?


You were crude. You were brash. You were brutally honest almost to a fault. We had many, many disagreements over the years but the belly laughs we shared in between were ten fold. Above all that, you were my very good friend. You were a kind and loving man. Our conversations after my heart attack cemented that fact for me. You genuinely cared about my well being and the well being of others. 6 years ago, you gave me the opportunity to race your Trophy Truck at the Parker 425 for the first time. I will cherish that memory till the day I die. I take solace in the fact that you left this Earth with a smile on your face down in Baja with your girls. Rest In Peace my friend. I will see you on the other side. I will miss you and our random conversations dearly until then.



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I jointed this forum around the 1st or 2nd year of RG doing the Dakar in his Monster Energy Hummer, and as I posted over the years Pete always had some really interesting and brash comments in the Dakar threads, and I'd always get a chuckle over how he discussed his thoughts and ideas with others, haha. Never interacted with him myself, but from my non-desert land of Minnesota he always seemed at least a big name in the desert racing community, and from reading all the comments left here so far, he was respected and admired by all. Such a terrible tragedy for all; he will be missed
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Ive been a fan of Pete since day 1. He was NOT PC and didn't give a **** what you thought about what he said. That got him banned from here a couple times (banned4life) and I always pleaded my case to Klaus to let him back in, it worked haha. We need more Pistols in this world but just not too many of them. We would always argue and give each other crap online and then a hour later be texting each other like it never happened. I beat his ass at fantasy football this season and he tried to CHEAT and I called him out on it hahahah. Man I am gonna miss that dude.
I remember him playing his Madonna "Like A Virgin" cassette repeatedly and continuously at the DirTrix compound in the Shea Road pits at the SCORE Parker 400 thirty five years ago..

He was a unique individual.

He will be sorely missed.

I think he'd tell us to go on then, go ...


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I didn't know him personally, I met him at Pismo huckfest years ago and he let me check his truck out and had a chat. I've been a fan of his for the last 15 years, and have always admired him and enjoyed watching his antics. This really hits me hard for some unexplainable reason. He seemed like the guy that could never die. RIP Pete. May your family find peace, health and prosperity.

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This is horrible news, my condolences to all party’s involved. Pete was a true legend

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So so so so sad. My heart is broken for his family and friends. I was just a fan and I always will be. RIP Pete.
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Sad day in the Desert! With a heart that big, no mullet gonna keep Pistola outside those Pearly Gates! RIP


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Never interacted with him myself, but his personality was something I easily noticed here. My sympathies and condolences to his family & friends.


I met Pete in ‘05 when I joined my good friend Cameron while racing with the DA .. I was like Who TF is this guy ? Cam says, he’s cool he’ll grow on you. After hanging out with him for years, “I got him” many didn’t and he was mostly misunderstood. I know he was a devoted husband, an incredible father and a caring and passionate human being. He we’ll be missed ... I’m sure he’s up there with his Dad Cowboy, Big Daddy Steele and Bob The Weatherman having a cocktail arguing with them how it’s not his time .. Rest In Peace Pistola

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Met Pete when he raced his first KOH. He drove lil Rich’s buggy. The race had started and we were still wrenching on the buggy. He laid there in the dirt with me turning wrenches calm and cool. One of the most honest and down to earth racers I’ve ever been around! My families thoughts are prayers go out to your family. Godspeed Pete!


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jesus christ i really hope this isn't true. P;ease. I met him once when i was 10 at Terrible Cup at the Las Vegas speedway. I thought he was so cool and wanted to get a mullet, (cooler heads prevailed). I was hoping so much that one of these days I'd say something that'd he'd agree with, or he'd call me an idiot. just to know her read something I said....I guess no matter who you are, your heroes are getting put int the ground. Doesn't matter who they are. See you Space Trucker. maybe in another life


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The sun rose over the Sea of Cortez at San Felipe on Jan 18//Fri

[ Man, I've got some incredible HD footage of this throughout the years! ]

By the time the sun set that day, the world of Offroad Racing would never be the same..

See below URL -- Awards at the BITD '07 Terribles Town 250, where Casey Folks (passed away Jan/2016 while doing the Parker moto race) & Pete Sohren (passed on Jan 18/2019) appear. Both were old school, they believed in traditional values of work ethic, Honesty/Ethics/Morality

Ironic that 2 old-schoolers are gone (but not forgotten. I never would have believed after shooting this 2007 video, that they would be gone by 2016 & 2019 (respectively)

BITD: PIstol Pete

[ the BITD '07 TT250 Awards video also shows Pete's lovely wife ]

SCORE: Pete Sohren

Pete: Without Integrity & Honesty, what do you have?

He's the stereotypical American, he speak his mind & doesn't take CR*P. His words/actions in my book = HERO

"My father always taught me,
you can't be something you're NOT that you must be what you ARE..
And, as he expressed it:
Son... there's no right way to do wrong

And uh..I have held that dear..uh..just those
few little phrases all my life.
Uh...at the time being a young man, I didn't understand it then
but I do now, but uh..it's made a difference in my life too."
-- Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Bosen Williams "River Boats", Vietnam conflict

"I was proud of that N. Vietnamese soldier, because he gave me a LIVING EXAMPLE of what a man is supposed to be. If you have a belief, a REAL BELIEF, you should be willing to die for it."
-- Charles Strong, Specialist 4 U.S. Army, "Bloods of 'Nam: African Americans in Vietnam"

above discussion came about due to some issues that came up "lack of Moral Fiber". Pete's FEISTINESS on RDC is because of some "grandfathering thing" involving Trophy Lite class (favoritism & discrimination). He got screwed

I was JUST updating my video-blogs (Offroad Racing) on Fri morning (when Pete passed), so I could give Jesse Jones (TT #76) an update. I sent Jesse the email Fri afternoon, then saw Dave Caspino's dark post on his FB feed. Then, came here to find the awful news

Pete & I were friendly, he was always receptive to my request for video-interviews. He likes attention, being on-camera, he has that TV show gig. We periodically exchange emails, we talked about my Web 2.0 project (LiveWebCast & iTunes video-podcast) for Offroad Racing

I sent him an email last Oct, about my BITD video-blog (documenting BITD races 2005 - 2007) which had a new label "Casey Folks"

[ To honor his contribution to Offroad Racing, which all the drivers respected (well run & professional) ]

He replied, & I sent him another query related to the current BIG project I'm working on (Motorsports related, incl Indycar/NASCAR/F1/IMSA/Endurance). At least he knew (before he passed), that I was on to something BIG. I wanted him to be a part of the "startup", as a Tier 1 Development Partner

[ race-teams do this when Auto Mfrs come into the Sport, e.g. Honda & Chevy in Indycar. Xtrac (exclusive gearbox supplier for Indycar) came into Offroad Racing for this purpose -- DEVELOPMENT. I met Andrew Heard (Xtrac Vice-President based in Indianapolis) at BITD Contingency '06 Parker 425. Xtrac's Development Partner AGM (All German Motorsports, led by Martin Christensen) successfully worked with Xtrac throughout 2007 season, to develop a bullet-proof manual gearbox. It led to AGM's FIRST WIN at '08 SCORE San Felipe 250 ]

Also, a presence on the Board of Directors. Like the Geisers, he was a (competitive) racer, chassis builder (Baja Lite) aka "Real World Knowledge"-- an ideal choice for cross-collaboration with University/Industry engineers ("Book Knowledge")

I already sent some feelers to some leading teams about the above, was about to send email to Pete. Then this tragedy.

My Bigger Picture project for Motorsports (incl Offroad Racing) lost a valuable (potential) partner. His Intellect, Voice/Presence & brand-name in the Sport would have been REALLY HELPFUL

Pete was a multi-dimensional person, not well understood by the average joe (he could come off as brash/outspoken). Kinda like Paul Tracy of Indycar. But, he was the real deal -- totally TRUSTWORTHY.

Pete was a character (I call him a "natural born ham"..he likes attention, jajaja!!), but he was also a leader. He was also a humanitarian, publicizing his effort to help the Baja orphanage (near Ohos). Using proceeds (sales of his pre-run videos) to help the orphans. BTW, another guy (legend Malcolm Smith) was doing the same thing, I did an interview with him at a Baja 1K media event

"Curt Leduc? The guy that does what he says -- total old school ("My word is gold")
-- Bob Bower, Offroad Racing guru

Pete was the same way, he had a good upbringing.

See that video from Geiser Shop '05 Xmas Party, he was a leader -- people were gathered around listening to him.

"Joe was one of my best friends in Vietnam. He was a white dude from Georgia [ farmer w/wife & kids ], & he had a REAL accent. On this particular day, he was on POINT. Point in a military operation is where you lead the company. He tripped a booby-trap, which BLEW HIM UP IN THE AIR 8 ft. He came down on his buttocks, raised up, but when he realized he lost his left leg -- he went into SHOCK. Now, the medics were on him immediately. The chopper came in, took him away..but I heard that he died from shock. Now, I'm sitting there PRAYING..Lord let me see the Enemy. It got so bad..a woman, a child..anything, I wanted to shoot someone. Now, I've held this with me ever since. His wife may forget him, his kids may forget him, BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET JOE!!"
-- Charles Strong, Specialist 4 U.S. Army, "Bloods of 'Nam: African Americans in Vietnam"

^^^ That's about how I feel right about now..

I will never forget Pete, he was one of a kind

There's that saying in Classical Music:

"Class always Lasts"

I will make sure Pete's brand-name will be preserved, I have a TON of HD video shot over the years.

Likely, there will be a monument built in Baja, like the one done for Ox (also passed in Baja)


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RIP Pete. One thing for sure.. The “Legit” like you, don’t get banned from Heaven. Race on dude and please watch over us and keep us in-line.

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We were lucky he survived, and came back from, the Class 5 Clash & Crash at SCORE's only appearance at PIR. Pete's Baja convert crashed and burned on the back stretch, you may recall.

I believe that was on Mother's Day, 1990.

Rang his bell pretty good. :(


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Got the call from a friend yesterday and couldn't believe it. Sure we butted heads but I always respected his love for the sport and racing with his family. Another friend left yesterday to try and help. Race in Peace Pete!