Pistol OK?


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RIP Old Friend........


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My best memory of Pete was a bunch a years back during the SF250, I was co dog in a 10 car, we got stuck/bottlenecked in this little canyon, there were cars and trucks stuck on the line, Canidae, Pastrana, us and a few others, so Pete pulls up behind us all in the TT, stops and hops out, no helmet, Jean shorts, usual dirty white teeshirt, and high tops , no socks....takes a quick look around to laugh at us all and call us names, and gets back in the TT and then blasts by us all on a different line …..and he wasn't even in the race....I think he was just out for a drive!
God Speed to you Pete, and prayers to his family and to us all because life only gives you so many guys like him and its awful when you lose them.

Power Monkey

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My condolences to you all.
That guy was our hero when we got started. Our first race was Parker 08', After getting our ass kicked, we were limping home and we saw this big Yellow Pistol Pete truck on a trailer. Heading home also, broken as we were... That was all the inspiration we need to carry on. Never forget the feeling of seeing that big beautiful yellow truck.
God Speed Pistol Pete.


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Does anyone have the video of Pete taking his shirt off to give it to one of the people at the orphanage in Mexico?

That is who Pete was. RIP Pete.

I can only imagine what Pete’s screen name will be in the race forums above!


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from Bloods of Nam [ African American soldiers in Vietnam ]:
[ quote ]And there are the personal stories, with emotions that have lost none of their resonance.

There's the visit with Charles Strong, a black man from Pompano Beach, Fla., who recalled a friend he served with, a white southerner named Joe whom many blacks dismissed as a redneck. But to Strong, he was a friend, a guy to pitch a tent with and share water and food. Joe stepped on a booby trap.

Bloods: Black Veterans of the Vietnam War: An Oral History
But it hurt me bad when they got Joe. Joe was an all right guy from Georgia. I don't know his last name
He talked with that "ol' dude" accent. I you were to see him the first time, you would just say that's a
redneck, ride-runnin' cracker. But he was the nicest guy in the world. We used to pitch our tents together. I would give him food.
he would share his water. And food and water was more valuable then than paper money
. And when we had
an opportunity to stand down, he would get sort of drunk an ego around the brothers and say, "Hi there,
brother man." The others would automatically take offense, but I always told them Jose was all right. His
accent was just personal.

I remember one night I put my little transistor radio on my pack. We listened to music with the earphones, and
he talked about his wife and kids back home on the farm in Georgia. He said he would be glad to see his wife.
The next day he was walking point. I was walking the third man behind him when he hit a booby trap. I
think it was a 104 round. It blew him up in the air about 8 feet. He came down, and about an inch of flex
was holding his leg to his body. He rested on his buttocks, and his arms were behind him. He was moaning
and crying in agony and pain and stuff. What really got to his mind is when he rose himself up and saw is leg
blown completely off except that inch. He said, "Oh, no, not my legs." I really distinctly remember the look on
his face. Then he sort of went into semiconsciousness. He died on the way to the hospital
"You know," recalls Strong, "I loved him. Long after his wife and children forget him, I'll remember him."[/quote]

I've got a TON of video (Contingency..interviews, Race, Awards), which show Casey Folks & Pete Sohren. Their Passion for the Sport, as a reflection of their Credibility/Integrity as human beings. Old School all the way

I guess I'll throw some stuff together in a nice edit.

The below video is a brilliant example of a good edit, cool footage.

Remember when I was young and so were you
and time stood still and love was all we knew
You were the first, so was I
We made love and then you cried
Remember when Remember when we vowed the vows
and walked the walk Gave our hearts, made the start,
it was hard We lived and learned, life threw curves
There was joy, there was hurt Remember when



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The most interesting individual on Race Dezert, getting a Like from Pete was something special.


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Yeah, Sad day for the racing community. Saw the aftermath coming back from qualifying but didn't hear who it was until later. We're starting this race with a heavy heart. Godspeed Pete!

Steve Marolda

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I first experienced Pistol back when we were both racing the 7S class. Mini-trucks were the hottest thing going and Ivan Stewart was our Hero. Damn this pisses me off. Whenever I need a laugh I watch this video, it's the best thing on the 'net as far I'm concerned.


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RIP Pete! Our condolences to his family. My first encounter with Pete was when I was a tech director for a Texas race organization and he brought his team to compete in one of our races. He brought his trophy truck and I believe one of his rentals to the Texas race. I headed over to confirm his entry and begin tech. He was very cool and friendly to me during the inspection. We ended up just talking for about 30 minutes about Texas/people/terrain/etc. After the race, we hung out with his team right in front of the hotel (race headquarters) and had a few cold ones and "experiencing" his sponsors tequila product. :cool: It was memorable and just simply a fun time. My second encounter with Pete was hanging with him at a bar called, I believe 'Atomic Liquors' at the Mint 400 a few years ago. It was me, my wife, my son, Pete, part of his crew, and I think a guy named Kurt LeDuc. We just hung out and talked. It was a refreshing, down to earth hanging out. God speed!


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From a first hand source, Farrah and Paige (Cami is with them) are back in the USA and are receiving medical care. They are banged up, one more than the other, but will be OK. Thoughts go our to the Sohren family/friends, Pete was an amazing guy. RIP


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My brother was Pete's navigator for a few years so I had the opportunity to hang out with him and his team. In 2015 when I started Baja Tracking Pete was one of the first guys to sign up and buy trackers. Then without me paying him a dime he promoted it to others and really helped me get the word out. When we picked up BITD in 2016 Pete called me and said "David, this is a big deal, I have advice that will really help you out though... DON'T SCREW IT UP". Anytime he raced BITD and didn't finish, he'd mail back his tracker back wrapped in bubble wrap, duct tape, more bubble wrap, more duct tape, a layer of newspaper, and then much more duct tape. I will always cherish the times I got to pre-run with him, navigate in his trucks, and just hang out with him. He was rough around the edges but at the same time would give you the shirt off of his back. He will be greatly missed. Peace my Friend. I hope you and Cowboy are having a great reunion.
-David Clay

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Woke up with a heavy heart today.
RIP el Pistola.


Pete called me earlier this week. I had seen earlier in the day that someone had dumped what was very likely to be a stolen trailer on the street in front of his house.
“Hi Pete”
“I m calling you because you’re my lawyer”
“This is about that trailer, huh?”
“And you want me to tell you that you can lay some kind of legal claim to it because it’s abandoned, right?”
“I can? “. (He starts to get excited)
“No Peter, you can’t. FINDERS KEEPERS isn’t a law. “
“But, but, but.....”
“Pete I’m not a lawyer”
“I know, you’re my friend.”

I’ve had a thousand conversations with Pistol. Many of them were us talking loudly over each other while we agreed about something. He was larger than life. Bold and humble. And he was as real as they come. When I got of the phone with him I was smiling. I had no idea that would be the last time we talked. I’m pretty wrecked about this.

Last night I spoke his brother chad. Chad was just at my house last weekend (he’s remodeling my bathroom). Chad is a mess but ok also. He said the family was on the way to SF already. Friends of Pete even had their private jets on the ready if needed for the family. It didn’t take long for the things that need to happen to start happening so this crisis can be dealt with. I’m proud that everyone can rally to aid and support them like this and do so so quickly.

I messaged a guy who was there at the accident scene. This is all so bad so I asked him if he could please tell me of anything good. ANYTHING.

His reply “The girls weren’t hurt that bad”.
I know they have some broken bones but it really pains me to think they had to see their dad, this great dad, die in front of them. That had to be awful.

I am going to miss my friend very badly. As I go forward I am going to do my best keep him with me. He was awesome in so many ways. I mean he had a mullet and wrap around sunglasses and he actually pulled it off. That’s not an easy thing to do. A man who wasn’t afraid to be himself. He was a big mouth and a pain in my ass sometimes and I proud to say he was my friend.

Godspeed Pistol.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to Pete and his family. We met at the 2016 Baja 1000 and he was really nice. When I first found RDC I could not wait to find his new postings each day and missed him more recently when the posts dried up. Then found one yesterday where he was heading to the race and seemed excited about it. The race community has suffered a terrible loss.


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Damn.....He was one of a kind for sure................Raw, butt, one of the nicest guys I knew.

RIP Pistola

RaceTec Pistons

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Such a bummer, really funny, nice guy. I always appreciated his no BS attitude. Every time I saw him he would say hello and was always open to everyone. Whether you liked him or not he was true to himself. Race In Paradise buddy!


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Curious if anyone knows if there is a gofundme (or something similar) set up for the family?


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Curious if anyone knows if there is a gofundme (or something similar) set up for the family?

...and Pete hated the fee associated with these types of sites.

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