Pistol Pete has New Sponsor!


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Fantasy Off Road Racing is now the Title Sponsor for Pistol Pete in the Baja 500, 1000 and all of the SCORE Races and some of the BITD.

We are excited to bridge our gap between Short Course and Desert Racing!

Stay tuned for more info on full sponsorship details.

Also, we will be offering Fantasy Gaming for the Baja 500! Sign up now to receive the email when picks go live.



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Whats are the odds of Pete cutting the mullet by the 1000?
We forgot to write that in to the contract :eek:... No worries - :D


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Off with the Mullet...........Conrats to Pete and Fantasy off road racing.........

Mike @ pit b

Pistol can't cut the mullet! He is like Samson that way. Once you cut his hair, he will lose all his power! :D Much like Hovey and his mustache. :D

And congrats to Pistol.

JD Durfey

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May the MULLET, er ah I mean, the FORCE be with you, Pete!


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That's awesome news!! Congrats on the sponsorship, now with better funding let's see Pistola running up front for the whole race. I can see more podiums in his future. :D:cool:


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Right on for Pistola. One of our true great drivers and a guy willing to do it his way.

Even though I have to race against the Mullet I think he is good for our sport in many ways and I'm sure he will continue to be a contender. I'm looking forward to having both some yellow and green paint on my front bumper before the 500 is over.....

Congrats Petey


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Good for you Pete and crew. I'll be at the 500 to help, so see you at Mike's :-D

Big Rich