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"Pistol" Pete Sohren - is he wanted on RDC? - needed?

"Pistol" Pete Sohren - is he wanted on RDC? - needed?

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Yes!!! Bring back PISTOL PAB.... I mean PISTOL PETE!!!
(figured I could get a few more miles outta that one)
Pete 100% needs to be reinstated ....... Forum boards (all of them) are all about people's individual opinions, experiences, thoughts, ideas, advice and smart-arse comments (my specialty) - and we all know Pete covers all of these requirements -- Great poll, now let's see if Big Brother complies


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Much as I like to poke fun at Pete, there is no reason other than language that he shouldn't be on here.

So, do we still have the lovely filter?

Edit: apparently so, Lovely was Fing


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Just pointing out this small fact.

PAB and everyone are on Pistols side about not cheating and following the rules during a race... Never been one to challenge that myself, seems like he does follow those rules to the "T".

There is a reason he has/ was/ is banned now, the time before that, and the many times before that. He doesn't follow the rules here, set by Klaus or other mods on this site. He is warned before he is banned, and yet he persists to keep on keepin' on in his same old ways. If you want to read his banter, go check out Pirate4x4 where everything is game, and no filters.


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I do not always agree with what he says but I agree he has the right to say it. Right or wrong it is usually entertaining. I say bring him back but lets start a side bet on how long it takes him to get banned again. Any takers?


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I vote for the Return of Pistol........there have been............ far too few periods being used around here..........

mike mcqueen

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Bring him back, freedom of speech, hes good for telling it like it is. We need more like him. Get tired of all the politicaly correct BS in this world. Cant handle the heat, you know.


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The Guy TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!!! And if i see a new topic with Petes name on it, its always the first one I look at!!!!!!