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"Pistol" Pete Sohren - is he wanted on RDC? - needed?

"Pistol" Pete Sohren - is he wanted on RDC? - needed?

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Pete is currently Busy in His Mom's Basement, Please leave a message @ the Beep!



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Errr, um....he has been back for a number of pages now. Did you miss the Classic Pete-style postings ?
Or was he re-banned already, and you are lobbying for him to return, and I missed something .....?


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From the other thread.........

"On road to Socal/mex to pick parts/trucks.....pics of new builds later this week"

Maybe he will run into Jerry in Mex??


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And talk is cheap!


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Since there is so much attention / traffic here because of "who's" drama....
Why not have you guys check out our new Camburg Built KINETIK TRUCKS website and some pictures of our new trucks.

New CLICK HERE = Camburg Built KINETIK TRUCKS website

YES!!!! This is what Im talking about!!!

Finally, a real trophy truck at K Mart pricing!!

Beautiful website with great info. Pete should take a business class from Camburg!