Pistol vs Cenni


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Prior to the TORR show on Wed. Cenni calls in to discuss his calling in and it seems to approve the questions they would ask him.

Even only hearing 1 side of the interview its still pretty funny. Warning. 1 fbomb at the end.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMONs-vCBf8"]YouTube - Pistola Vs Cenni[/ame]


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I hope you got his permission to record the call.. seems lawsuit happy..


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ahhh... nice little rule you zonies have! lol

cool.. just wanted to mention it.. incase..

Chris Rock on Insurance.. "they should call it Incase... paying all this money.. INCASE ***** happens!"

little bart

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Hah I was wondering why Cenni didn't show. It was going good till Pistol said Cenni was an idiot lol.....so much drama this season


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that was hilarious. need a split screen to see how cenni was reacting to pistol's ?s.


I hope you got his permission to record the call.. seems lawsuit happy..
1. State of AZ you can record without notification
2. I did not record him anyway
Yes- That law is great- Any recording is legal as long as one party knows it is happening- Like when a cop calls you and asks if you did it, only the cop has to know it's being recorded..... LOL! People don't like that very much.

Mike @ pit b

Very funny.

And hats off to Pistol for sticking to your guns (no pun intended)



Nice Pistola...My buddy and I (with our kids) were shouting at you while you were at the "Hot Dog on a Stick" stand today (Pomona CORR). You were looking at us like WE were freaks. We'll met ya someday. Good job btw.