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PISTOLVISION Carbon fiber sunglasses PHOTOS


First I’d like to thank the entire racing community and anyone who has helped is through our tough times we deeply appreciate all the support given to us. This project was started by me; Van and Paige Sohren it is named in my dads memory. We offer fully carbon fiber polarized sunglasses and some high quality plastic ones that won’t break while you are out off roading or doing anything else bad ass. You can check out our website if you’re interested in purchasing some! Thanks
Free shipping discount: DONTBEDUMB


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J Burleson

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Happy to hear you are all doing well, and congrats on the new venture! I will be adding a pair of Phoenix to my “need” list!


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Way cool and so fitting! You never saw Pete not wearing has trademark shades.


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I like the Carbon Fiber pair, pretty cool. Gonna need a new pair this summer so I'll probabaly get these!


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Entered credit card and was rejected. Trust me...it legit CC. Never have had it ever rejected.


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Van/Paige. I would love to have these for sale over at WildPowerSports.com. PM me.

Wild Power Sports
Trophylite 6013 BITD


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Bullet I order a pair last week and have not gotten them yet, can you let me know when they are going out.