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They make a CO2 regulator with no gauges that is preset. I actually own one. You can get them at some welding supply shops. I am looking for some info on them on the web, does anybody have any ideas for sites to look at ? They are also made for nitrogen tanks.


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I've seen a reg like that for some MIG welders. My guess would be that they're too low to run an impact off of.


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Can't help you out with a web link but can tell you that we have one on one of the nitrogen tanks that we use for chasing. No gauge makes it more tough for floating around in the back of a chase truck.

We "ported" the valve for more air flow and it will run a Snap-On impact with decent results. I don't think you can spin a "Nascar" style impact at the RPM's that they will turn.

If you are looking for an chase impact gun alternative you should check out the electric impacts from Milwaukee - no tank and they will spin the lugs off of a big truck no problem.

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Snap also makes a pretty killer electric impact. They actually have 2 models. One is a 14 volt and the other is a 18 volt. I looked into the 18 volt snap on, and it comes with the gun, 2 battery packs and a charger and it will run If I remember right around $400. It puts at 250 ft lbs of torque though. Pretty good for an electric impact.

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I don't know if this helps, but I came across a 12V impact gun that you hook up to your battery in a Summit catalog. it runs about 50 bucks if I remember correctly, however I do not know the specs of it, all I know is that it comes with some basic impact sockets, the gun, and a carrying case.

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go with the 18v snap on.we carry one in each TSCO car.they are durable and don't take much room.if the chase truck doesn't have one it gets a nitroigen bottel and regulator,hose, gun,etc.if your chasein in a mini truck room for spares could become an issue. go with the gun!


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I just had all my air impact stuff stolen, so I am in the market. The electric impacts sound interesting, but will they strip the lug nuts or wheel stud threads ???

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Hey Whit - the torque is progressive with trigger pull. The Snap On 16V version torques to about 90 lbs at full trigger pull. So its just about perfect for wheel studs..maybe just a hair to tight. You'd have to learn the feel of the 18V to avoid any problems. But that's no different than air impact guns. We carry a Snap On 16V in the race car and it the pits, we love them.

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I just bought a Milwaukie 18V 1/2" impact wrench for our car. We carry it in a holster by the co-driver. I paid $320 for it and that included the charger, two batteries, and a case. If you already have any Milwaukie 18V drills or sawzalls then just the tool without the other stuff is $175. They claim it has a max setting of 240 lb ft of torque which I find amazing. I looked at at a Makita 12V and 14.4V but the torque was only around 95 lb ft. Go to the Milwaukie website and you can read all about it. You wont see it at Home Depot or Lowes though, but most reputable tools stores who carry Milwaukie lines can order it for you.


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Doug That is what we have also. Works great. We did a test and did 10 tire changes on one charge. Even then it was not dead just seemed a little slower.