Pits Base station radio setup


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Does anybody have any pics or share some setups they use for a base radio? At the last races i noticed most had 20ft masts with a vhf antenna setup on top. but what are people using for base radios? powering?



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I have built for around 15 or so of these radio setup's for my customers with 110 watt Kenwood Race Radio's, VHF and UHF in ATA Flight cases and in Custom rack mounts. I usually put antenna tuner's in the rack also, so when you get your antenna up at a new pit sight, you can make sure your antenna is tuned perfectly Everytime quickly. And you can monitor your power output on the same meter to make sure the radio is performing properly.

I use a 50ft garage 10g extension cord with 3 conductors. The is a 12 volt radio, so I Cut the ends off. White and Black go to Positive on a Anderson Winch plug and Green goes to negative or ground. Then it plugs into my truck winch plug on front or back. I usually have a small generator keeping the truck battery charged to keep the noise down.

I have used a 20- 35 mast and fiberglass di pole antenna.
With Grey RgRG8x coax.
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jon coleman

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i built one out of an old fiberglass pole prunner, and slid into end of old wind surfboard fiber glass mast, it was cool, , light& strong, and collapsible to stow, hey!, i just remembered, i still have the mast if any one wants it, its 12 14 feet??, i can messure and take pics, free .yup 14 feet, put my good pol prunner for a visual,14 ft extended too,28, overall


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I like using flag poles. The last couple guys I know got something like this on eBay.

It came with a mount that you drive over with your tire.

They telescope out and are easy to setup. Under a $100 with free shipping. Light weight aluminum or I have seen fiberglass, but you don't want something that sways in the wind to much without guild wires.

I have a old military 40ft Hydraulic telescoping aluminum mast, but it is a Beast to transport and only went out on the trailer to races with us.View attachment 217035