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I already did a reply on batle of barstow post but im reposting again.
I will be up at the SNORE MORE race and can take up spare tires tools air and air tools if any one needs a chase crew. i was supposed to pit for a friend but they aren't going to make it but would love to help out another team i got spares for 5/1600 1600 and 1000 i got my own radio and people to help. i co ride/drive for my uncles 10 car and do most of the prep work and repairs on it so i know enough about the cars to get you fixed i could also supply a welder generator and gas compressor for an outlining pit if needed but would like to chase more.
you can e-mail me at Volcom1095@yahoo.com"]Volcom1095@yahoo.com[/url]
or call me at (909) 796-8063
I love the sport and love to help
Thanks Eric
wiseguy racing 1095 MDR

P.S. i work at KarTek rebuilding shocks so you can catch me there in the mornings