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Please Help

My new Bronco is stuck in 4wd and I cannot get it out. Can I remove the drive shaft and drive it or will I still do damage to it because the axles are engaged in the front. Can anyone tell me how to get it back in 2wd without the push button system. I need to take it to a shop and at least drive it to the liquer store it has been sitting for 3 out of the 4 weeks I have owned it, I want to drive it. Thanks in advance.


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i believe you can remove the driveshaft and it will be fine we have done it to solid axle blazers on 44"s at the wheel place i go and volunteer at

how ironic is it that most people slow down for speed bumps yet almost all of us here im sure pin it


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It seems like it would be fine i cant think of why it wouldnt anyways good luck and get out and have some fun with that bronco



Okay king of the posting realm... When you post a technical question you must provide us with some 411 - such as the engine, transmission, and if you know, the transfer case type... :) It's most likely the BW1356

Just kidding - is your Bronco a push button jobber or a manual lever? Stuff like this is easy to diagnose when all the pertinent information is available...

Yeah, you can yank the front driveshaft and cruise around town without any worries.


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351 motor, push button 4wd cannot tell you the transfer case, It is grey in color. Has 35's on it, I drive with only one hand on the steering wheel, beard seats.. Anything else you need to know mr maui??? Welcome home...


Ahh... Aren't electronic systems great? It's the price you pay for not having to pull a lever or twist a set of dirty hubs out in the boonies... sure you can shift on the fly without getting out of your comfy Beard seats... but now all those electronics have made the guesswork double that of my lowly 100% manual system.

I know this may sound silly... but... have you tried backing up in it yet? Your auto hubs aren't always as auto as you might think them to be. My mom has a 1993 Ramcharger that I use for winter trips, the damn thing has autohubs that won't release unless the vehicle is driven in reverse, sometimes forward, reverse, forward, reverse, etc..

I drove for a hundred miles up 395 at 80mph with the front end locked at the hubs... when I pulled into a gas station in Bishop I had to backup cuz the pump wasn't working... all of a sudden - !BANG! the front end disconnected. If the hubs are ok then it's onto the transfer case... Testing the hubs could be done with a couple jackstands and turning the wheels by hand, are the inner axle shafts of your TTB-44 spinning too?

Can you hear the xfer case make any noise when you push the button? There should be a solenoid down there that activates 4wd, 4lo, and 2wd modes... get someone to push the button while your down there listening or holding onto the case with your hands, you should feel and hear something when the dash button is pressed. Do you hear the relays activating when you try to get it out of 4wd? Did you tear the wires from the xfer-case on some shrubbery during an abusive "getting to know your Bronco" session? If the wiring is intact, you should be able to grab a shop manual or stop by your local friendly Ford dude, maybe Rancho SATAN Margarita Ford has somebody that could look it up for you. If you get the correct readings at the xfer-case end with a multi-meter I'd say check the solenoid for proper operation. That solenoid works? Crappola.

Worse case scenario, it ain't too tough to drop the xfer-case. While it's out you can change the fluids. My 83' Bronco had all sorts of xfer-case troubles - very evident when I disassembled it and found pieces of various components in the bottom, along with a way-too-stretched chain...

Fun stuff to say the least. Put on some old clothes and climb under there.
Thank you for everyones input. I am going to pull that drive shaft and put some miles on it.. We have the greatest readers on this page.. Anything that anyone needs to know they can find out within hours.. You guys are all awesome..


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too little too late, but I removed my front drive shaft on my jeep that had all time 4 wheel drive and drove back from glamis(i dont wanna talk about it...) and then to work for a week and had no problems.


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John I had a Bronco II that did the same thing. On the transfer case this a round plastic piece, with a few wire coming out of it. It is the sensor that tells the computer where it is ie: 2wd/hi,2wd/lo ect. If you open it you will see that it is just a shaft that spins around and closes contact . clean them. it is worth a try
John the same thing happened to my brother in law his truck has that on the fly crap too it got stuck in 4wd in pismo he got under truck and pulled the motor off the transfer case that shifts it into 4wd and switched the transfer case back to 2wd he said it was in his owners manual of all places....now he switched back too manual hubs and is going to find a manual floor shifter cause he still cant find out what happened, but im going to tell him too look at all these peoples posts, there is alot of good places to start looking if he wants to keep the on the fly button.

You must be Fast cuz I was HAULIN ASS when I passed you...


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My explorer did the same thing with the electronic 4x4. My electric motor froze inside the transfer case. It's only like 3 bolts to remove it. One of my friends that works at a ford dealership took it out, and backed up the control peice manually. It took him like 5 minutes, and my truck was back to 2wd. He told me those motors fry quite easily.

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Alright. Drive shaft is pulled out. Cruised it around the block and the front is making a ratching/clicking noise, Almost the sound of a screw in the tire clicking. I know this is vague but could it be a bad hub??


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well it doesn't sound good John!!!!!! Try jacking up the front and spinning the wheels. Maybe it is a nail it the tire.....



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jack it up and see if there is any play in bearings or anything like that

how ironic is it that most people slow down for speed bumps yet almost all of us here im sure pin it
I jacked up both side independently and spun the tires with no sound what so ever and the axles coming out of the hub not spinning. I will just take it somewhere and have it fixed now that I sold the chevy I will need to drive the bronco until I buy a new chevy. Thanks again for all of your helpful suggestions..


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John I talked to a buddy and he told me that there is a sensor (electronic) for the transfer case, That may be on the blink. He told me about putting it in reverse, but I remember you telling me @ Primm that you did that already. Its definately electronic though !!!!
I am ready to buy, new beams, rotors, manual hubs. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on any of these things.. Do any shops sell stock modified beams? I want beams that have been cut and modified for alignment purposes but stock width. I dont have a core to exchange.. Thanks in advance.