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Please send some prayers to my DA brother Cody

BoothPacific Films

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My family is praying for you tonight. Hopefully you can feel the love your friends have for you and that you have a full and speedy recovery.


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Thoughts with Cody & the DA, Hope for a full and fast recovery.

Mary Kay

Prayers and thoughts coming from Crandon!


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Thoughts and prayer for Cody and entire da crew...
What part of transmission let go? I thought that there was a scatter shield of some sort... For a transmission to go like that is not common

RFS Motorsports

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Get better quick man!


RIP Lusk & Ox
i grew up with cody in same school and we finshed school together god is watch him i hope he get good spite souls !

J Prich

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Let us know if there is anything we can do. Send ice cream, magazines to look at, a shake weight for some rehab...no kiddin if there is anything we can do besides send good vibes and prayers, make sure you let us know.


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Good to hear the outlook is very positive! Hang tough Cody!!


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Just got back to vegas and heard of the incident now, DA Familia if theres anything I can do I'm just a Phone Call away 702.439.8331 seriously guys. Hope he makes a speedy recovery as well!!!

randy s

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successful surgery. now comes the healing and rehab....it's no hill for a climber..buena suerte cody..


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Best wishes and hope for a quick recovery goes out to Cody The Co Dog from The Texas Boys.


just spoke with Cody from his bed ... he's in unbelievable high spirits (prolly cause he's high) ;-) - we had some laughs and some cries ... he has a few more surgeries and went thru a 8-9 hours of surgery last night -- this is one tough Dude (Deed as we call each other) ..... he appreciates all of the love and support and will be back home soon

Racing Ron

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Prayers and tons of love from the Stobaugh's! Hang tough and heal up 100% Cody.