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Polaris Industries & The Legendary Glamis Beach Store
UTVUnderground Explores The Facts Behind The Purchase, by Joey “Joey D.” DiGiovanni // UTVUnderground.com

Since 2014, rumors have swirled around the sale and purchase of the privately owned property in the Glamis dunes which is located in the Imperial Valley desert of Southern California. The property includes the legendary Glamis Beach Store, “vendor row” and area across Hwy 78 housing the Glamis Dunes Storage operation. Much discussion has surrounded Polaris Industries being the top suiter in acquiring the 120+ acre parcel amongst other rumored buyers. Until now, no definitive details or confirmation has been made on anyone officially purchasing the store and included land.

During the course of these past few years, a lot has changed surrounding the store including the passing of longtime property owner and operator Eugene (Beau) LeBlanc on February 1, 2016. Mr. LeBlanc purchased the Glamis Beach Store and its land in 1979 and alongside his wife Bessie and daughter “Jeannie”, operated and transformed the store into a local icon for dune riders frequenting Glamis. The seasonal operation has seen many changes over the years, but for those who frequent Glamis, the store and surrounding area had become a popular hang out and destination for off-road enthusiasts and local regulars of the dunes.

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my dad started this sand craze in the 1940s after WW2 originally buying Gordons well in 48. I went to the sand on my 3rd day alive over 56 years ago and my brother and I had the 1st and 2nd ATC 90 brought to American shores in late 1967 as proto types as my dad was close friends with the Honda importer at the time We still have them and got laughed at and ridiculed as kids riding those dumb 3 wheel things. Now Polaris is moving into the sand thing lol. Wow, we use to make trips from the well to Glamis store but back then it was nearly nothing. Unless you have a hoped up turbo rzr I cant see the pull to take one to the sand dunes, sounds like a yawner to me except the camping part of it
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There goes the neighborhood!
I went to Glamis last Halloween and the dunes were a freaking wreck! Riding my ATC was almost unbearable, the dunes were so damn rutted. And nearly no bikes,quads, buggies, homemade sand toys, or ATC's