Polaris RZR RS1 - Single Seater


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Looks like Polaris has brought a new RZR to market. As a 2 wheel guy who now understands the laws of physics, consequences, and economics, this buggy has caught my eye. For the price of a new dirt bike with all the trinkets, someone is able to get a roll cage and 110 hp.

Thoughts on the single seater? Wheelbase looks to be a limiting factor...

2018 Polaris RZR RS1 Single Seat SxS | Polaris RZR
Honda had to discontinue its single seat buggy due to poor sales, IIRC.

Will it endo* as well as the original RZR side-by-sides?

I fear a pilot might find himself beside himself?

It will go turtle, who will be there to help right it?

Have those Polaris Ace single seaters been selling?

Seems weird that the manufacturer is calling it a "single-seat side by side," as there appears to be no side to be beside, and I sure don't think we're getting a pair for $14K.

*looks kinda narrow and more of a tumbler IMHO.


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Same concept, but a totally different animal from the old Honda Pilot.

A 1 man attempts at flipping this thing back on its wheels would definitely be a sight to see. It does look like it would tumble like a rugby ball.

The Polaris Ace was a 4 wheeler with a steering wheel, not too cool in my opinion.

I just can’t get away from the idea of playing “Iron Man” at NORRA for 20-25k.

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83" Wheelbase......


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Looks like a whole lot of fun. I give props to Polaris for not just coming out with vehicles that cost over $20k. $13k isn't chump change, but it will allow more people to afford a SxS. My 2 pesos.


This seems too narrow for the COG. Looks like it needs to be 12" wider. Probably good woods buggy though.


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It won't be long before wider front arms, longer trailing arms etc will be available for this. Maybe a separate class for it too?

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Looks like a natural progression for an ATV-quad owner who wants an upgrade to a cage with age...

Way more sport/trail people across the continent than racers so it'll probably do well for those that want a seat and more safety.
A new side by side with a special feature no side to be beside?

Why isn't it an ATV?

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I have 6 Honda Pilots 2 rzrs and my family loves them, we are planning on buying 1 or 2 of these


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Looks like a whole lot of fun. I give props to Polaris for not just coming out with vehicles that cost over $20k. $13k isn't chump change, but it will allow more people to afford a SxS. My 2 pesos.
Not trying to "split hairs" but if it is a single seater, then it shouldn't be called a "Side x Side"

I like the idea, but I won't ever buy one, because I like having two seats, to carry kids around and so forth. I could however see this as more of a desert racing "Trophy Cart" sort of race car. Maybe some of the races could host short course "desert" races for the younger racers and this be what they race.


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Guthrie had his WORCS car built as a single a few years ago. It was a pretty cool build, shaved a lot of weight. Kudos to Polaris for throwing one out there.


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I think this buggy will sell well in states that are starting smaller desert racing series. In Texas our races are all held on private land. While these ranches are massive, the courses are generally tight and narrow compared to west coast races. I think this thing would do great at a Texas event, and provides a narrow enough wheel base where you are actually battling, instead of honking and passing competitors.

As for the classification, is it a buggy, side by side, cart? I'm sure the RDC peanut gallery will come up with a good alias for this thing.


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Ronnie Anderson (RJ's younger brother) took a stock RZR RS-1 to the WORCs race in Vegas over the weekend, and won overall. Not a bad first showing.


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I think the reference to SXS is the same as calling any tissue a Kleenex. It's just what they are referred to now.


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^^^^ Was just about to comment on that. That thing looked so smooth and bad azz out there. It didn't look sketchy at all. If I raced WORCS, I would go that route for sure.