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POLL 2: Licensure in off-road racing

Should drivers of "unlimited" off-road racing vehicles require a license of some kind?

  • Yes

    Votes: 60 38.2%
  • No

    Votes: 97 61.8%

  • Total voters
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Please read "POLL 1: Spectator safety in off-road racing" in the Desert Racing section before voting and posting here.

Once you have voted on this poll, please post ONE comment and ONE comment ONLY! The purpose of the comment is to have data that represents the voters from the two poll questions. Please vote on BOTH polls BEFORE commenting!

Please comment 1 if you are an off-road RACER (any class, any car/bike/ATV/UTV, any organization)
Please comment 2 if you are a crew member/chief/regular volunteer for an off-road race team
Please comment 3 if you are a staff member/regular volunteer for an off-road racing organization
Please comment 4 if you are a spectator or fan of off-road racing
(Choose the classification that best describes you)

Please DO NOT comment on anything else except what was listed above! Thank you!


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I think its a pretty slippery slope we are going down with the license. I get the concern with the unlimited vehicles but the simple facts are this.

1) Any car regardless of class can kill not only the driver but a spectator. Formula 1 and wrc drivers are some of the best in the world and many have died and spectators have died as well. If the best drivers on the planet can crash and kill someone its part of racing not inexperience of the driver.

2) Who becomes the say all of who gets a license or not and what if someone they license kills someone who accepts liability for that? Just another thing in off-road to charge people for? Charge to get your motor tagged and your safety items checked and your transponder and a license on top of the organization dues etc etc...Just because you get a license dosent make you a good driver or bad or safe or unsafe there will still be people racing class 11 that are much faster and safer then people racing TT, class 1, TT spec and Vise Versa.

3) People are attracted to Off-Road racing as a hobby that you can do for fun with family alot of different class options and it will be just another reason keeping people away from it.


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In order of frequency of participation 3,2,1 . I am seldom JUST a Spectator !


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I'm a 4 I voted no . However I do think in order to race a TT you must have at least one championship in one of the lower classes .

El Mamito USMC

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1, 2, 4


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I'm a 4 I voted no . However I do think in order to race a TT you must have at least one championship in one of the lower classes .
Would winning a a smaller series championship be valid for a larger org? Say VORRA unlimited championship and then trying to race TT in SCORE?

I think seat time in general is the best way to responsibly move up in off roading.

As for the OP, mostly 4 and a little bit of 1, I'm working on the other 2.


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There are too many rules in life already. If you want more rules, move back to Europe.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Ben Franklin


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Furthermore I don't think anyone that is not primarily a 1 should have a vote, no sanctioning body lets the fans and the team members decide, it should be based on the sanctioning body and the drivers.

Some of you talk as if Rich people are just running out and buying TTs, as if there are 20 guys that have never raced anything before are just jumping in these trucks and racing for the first time ( you dream up the perfect bad scenario like they just frequently driver off into the crowd) and then crashing....more people die in the bathtub/shower every year then in off road racing.

Letting crew fans and spectators decide issues like this is like letting your mom decide how you dress.... that is unless you live in her basement.

Just because someone nurtured you doesn't mean you have to try to do the same to a sport you don't consistently compete in.... not only just the sport but the region as well... if you race (as a driver) in a region the by all means speak up about it, but if you race in Winnemucca stick to the rules and regulations there.

I wonder do some of you go to other sites like F1, NHRA, WOo, and think your opinion counts (when it comes to rule making) because your a fan?
I like the feedback guys.
12LaPaz, I agree that any official rules should be put in place by drivers only... but thats not something I can realistically do. This is meant to show a reaction from the entire community, not just drivers. I think everyone has a unique opinion. I'm not trying to legislate here, just gathering opinions through numbers.


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As we can see in this world country full of licensing and regulation, it doesn't usually change a thing with regards to accidents and **** happening.

Lord Green

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2 most of the time(75%), 4 when I don't have to do 2 (20%), and 1 if I get the chance (5%)
I think there should be some control over who gets behind the wheel of a 800 hp truck and careens across the desert.