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Pop ups and re-directs


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While using the rdc app on my iPhone reading the forum I keep having a problem where at random times and without clicking on anything it will pop open Safari and direct me to some random link that never even loads into an actual web page of any sort. At first I thought it was me accidentally clicking on the sponsor links and being sent to their site but now I know for sure I haven’t been doing that. This seems to happen most in the Dakar forum. Starting to get obnoxious.


can you share more on this please?
What pages of the site where you on when this happened. You posted Dakar but more details would help.

Your story on the onset it sounds like its your computer doing it but I take this serious. Thank you.


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I remember that I just opened the Dakar 2020 thread and it happened the first time and it happened a couple of times more in other threads. If I remember right it was only in the Dakar forum. I just now went thru all of the new posts in all the threads in Dakar and could not get it to repeat what was happening. I use the RDC app on my iPhone every time it happened. Each time it never actually loaded the page but I was redirected to a link in my Safari app. I always thought iPhones blocked these things so I’m not sure if it was my particular device if it’s your app or the forum itself. It hasn’t happened again since I made this post.