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Porsche powered Sopwith Camel

Michael Pee

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I just finished watching "27 Hours to La Paz" for the 1000th time and every time I wonder about the Sopwith Camel that makes 2 very brief appearances in the movie. I have searched the interweb and this site but no joy. I figure someone here must know about it. So....anybody?

Marty Fiolka

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The car you are referring to is the John Crean Porsche-powered Meyers Manx. The car was race in the 1967 NORRA Mexican 1000 by John and Donna Crean, then by none other than James Garner and Scooter Patrick at the 1968 NORRA Stardust 7-11.

Nice timing. The car was rediscovered a few weeks ago and I am working with Bruce Meyers on a full restoration of the car for the current owners. Expect a full show n' tell in the tech section of RDC.

Best, Marty

Michael Pee

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Thank you. I have wondered for years what the car was and what other races it was in. I can not wait to see detailed pics.

harleys dad

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Garner had to be a diehard, if I rode in that car in the Nevada desert at the 7-11 I would have quit the sport that day. Can you imagine how bad that car handled and socked up the bumps at that time LOL Cool find, hope they do a good job of restoring it, as little as was to the car looks like a weekend job ha ha


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Marty, I believe that I have home footage taken by Tiny Thompson's (The builder of the Burro buggy) wife that shows this buggy at the Stardust 7-11 race. If the owners of the buggy would like a copy, please ask them to contact me. You have my contact info.



Capt. Hindsight
Youtube it!!!