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Porter built


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Can anyone get some photos of the new Porter built TT??

If this truck is in San Diego or close and someone can tell me where it is I will

get the photos and put them on the Web.

I know the motor is in the bed with a V-drive.

I have never seen good photos of Ragland's V-drive or is it a transfercase??


Yeah... too bad they haven't fixed the higher resolution photos... they haven't loaded for over a year now... :) - Based on what Arnolds rearend looked like, I'd be willing to be it's a V-drive - the carrier was offset.

The link is http://www.off-road.com/4x4web/features/1997/11/

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Damon Jeffries lives in Temecula(about 50 minutes from SD.) Porter may be in the area as well.

Im sure some of the Temecu guys can say for sure?


- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Thanks-------------------I will try to do some searching for some more info.

I have seen some trucks with a "PORTER" sticker in the window in San Diego

like the one on the new TT.

If I can get to find him---I will try to find him at the 500.

I found some great pictures in the new "DIRT PILOT" of Raglands truck

and that 67 Chev that is a mid engine.


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Porter's shop is in Riverside. I was lucky enough to see the truck first hand and it is really nice. They actually built two (a class 1 and a TT).



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These V-drives such as the one in Arnold.....Is the "transfer case" mounted solid to the chassis? If so then there is no flex or movement wih the drive shaft between the trany and the "transfer case" right? I mean the motor is solid mounted, the "transfer case" is solid mounted so that would mean the first drive line wouldn't have any flex or a need for u-joints right? Is there even a drive shaft from the trany to the "transfer case" or is it direct hook up with the only driveline between the "transfer case" and the rear end? I apologize in advance for my lack of knowlege and desire to gain same.

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