Porter Trophy Truck hood?


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The reason we decided to take our hood off at the Baja 1000 was because we had put lame bolts in the hood latches for testing and didn't change them before the race,totally our fault.We left our hood at our Puercitos pit after it broke some of the bolts.We are currently working on ways to make the trucks AERO package better than it is today.As far as Damen's hood situation you will have to ask him.



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I was told that it is because of the way it sits and it is designed that damon cannot see over the hood, soooooooooo they have to take it off. If you look at it, it goes straight out at the nose and does not slope down at all. Thats what I heard................

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IT seems like it is putting a big boat on plane...you cant see [censored] until you are up out of the water

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How about a set of pneumatic or hydraulic trim tabs? I know a few trucks that could use a set. :)