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Post mis-attribution

This morning I visit the Dakar Stage 1 thread and found Dirty Harry replying to a post mis-attributed to me, but apparently posted by RGFan. I then replied:

I agree with much of what you are saying, but the Gordini did not kick ass on gravel roads. It wasn't competitive anywhere, the last time RG raced the Gordini he wasn't even finishing in the top ten for most stages.
Weird, the quote you posted is not mine, nor had I quoted it in a post. If you click back to the directed post #157, you'll see I was riffin' off how a certain Mr. Roma and a certain Mr. Cohen share similarities.

I read those words, but did not write them. Looks like they are RGFan's.

Russian hackers???[/QUOTE]

I'd never seen that happen before over the past 14 years.

Just FYI.

★ Dakar 2019 - Stage1: Lima > Pisco


I feel confident in the forum software and its quote feature.

Perhaps the poster edited the post.... If you toggle BBcode (press the wheel button) in your post editor you can toggle. Once in raw text mode one can easily change the quote code to miss-attribute anyone. Can be done inadvertently or on purpose.

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Thanks, Klaus!

I don't think Dirty Harry was trying anything, and I do feel lucky, though many may say I'm punk. :)