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Post your favorite photo from Baja!


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That's where the saying "what happens in Baja stays in Baja" comes from boys & girls.


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I feel like that Mike's photo has been buried deep for years with no intention of seeing the light of day. So awesome. Already sent to LJ, killer kimono for sure.


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2016 Baja 1000 Prerun. Stopping for more oil and tacos in Valle T, go figure. Picture could be out of a time capsule.

Co-rider backed out a week before the race, Dad had already done his section a week before but he said "ill go with ya"
It was our signature loop, no chase help just my pops and I. Park at El Palomar, run course from San Vicente to Mikes, down to Borrego and do that loop, adjust rear bars of course, take course into Ensenada and finish prerun. Take the hour drive south back to el palomar while nodding off at each red light. Get a good nights sleep and dad wants to do the coast 1 more time. 30 miles in we land from a jump and snap rear bar. Back home we go.

That was an epic race, a lot of life long friendships started at that race. We didnt even win but it felt really good.


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I love photos from this spot but unfortunately have no idea where it is.

Can anyone tell me the location?
By the looks of it, it looks to be on the pacific side near San juanico?

I’ve only ever made it to San Ignacio on the race course