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Post your favorite photo from Baja!


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My best iPhone photo, Loreto Malicon on the way home from 2016 Mexican 1000. Waiting while my wife is trying to wake up that sleepy barista. (she was actually dozing on her feet at the counter) Can't wait to get back there.


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2009 trip Tecate, California to Cabo Joe Lane and I did on our quads. No support vehicles , Just me and Joe, many many Lizard Lady two tracks on the trip. Other pics are LA Bay at sunrise and my brother’s old service truck we had down in San Fransquito to launch our boats in the bay.
Retired down here five years ago (Punta Banda) and love it
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Clay Flippin

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Raul, the owner of Misiones de California Winery in Valle de Guadelupe.
Absolutely the BEST wine tasting I have ever experienced hands down. This dude was GREAT and we bought at ton of his products. The Winery itself is not a fancy shmansey place and honestly really not that much good to look at, but his knowledge, passion, attitude, customer service and all around story made it the BEST...Oh and the wine is damn good!