Post your favorite photo from Baja!


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2018 baja 1000 Pre run, This was somewhere south of Erendira.

I had a cold, got stopped for almost an hr at the Santo Tomas road construction. soldiers stopped use around Santo Tomas to inspect us. Almost hit the police trucks as the raced south due to a shooting.

It was the most fun ive had in a while, cant wait to go back.


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Trail of Mission-2017, with my son Max
Norra 2017, with co-dawg Scotty Cobbett
Norra 2019, with co-dawg Drew Deckman
Norra 2018, with Soctty
after Norra awards 2019, Shonka, Max Herndon, Dan Stout and myself..

god damn I miss that place and my crew right now.