Post your favorite photo from Baja!


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2014 B1K


Coco. Bouht a drink from Coco while I was looking around thinking it was a lemonade, warmish beer was a bit of a surprise, and then he tells me that Tim (Morton) wont be happy with me drinking while prerunning haha:
COCC - Prerunning.jpg

Something about this sketch I really liked:

Such a great place to visit:

Reviewing prerun notes and updating the GPS:

Coyote Cals after the race:
Coyote Cals - After race 7.jpg

Ricardo, our baby sitter

So many awesome memories....................


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This has been a great thread. The memories and all of us are re-living those awesome days in Baja. The pictures have been very interesting to see. It has jogged my memory to that same day or race and what I was doing. Let's keep them coming.



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This picture was taken around 6:30am just as the bikes were leaving San Felipe. It's nice to see a large crowd for the bikes this early in the morning. No one gets this close in the states.

2015 San Felipe 250 044.JPG

Mike Sky Ranch 2015
Baja 2015 San Felipe 043.JPG

Had to put one of these in here. You only live once so you should pet the whales.
Baja 2015 San Felipe 130.JPG