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Post your favorite photo from Baja!


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50th B1K - Doesn't look like much of a pic but to us was one hell of a story. Broke 70 miles from La Paz in the middle of the silt after 36+ hours and a 5 or so hour recovery. We ended up in Las Pocitas on the side of the road barely able to coherently talk to anyone, camp was made to finally let it go and get some sleep. Sleep included the chickens running all around us, sheep baa'ing all night and big trucks jake braking down over the rumble strips 4' from the trucks then accelerating back out of town. I will forever be taken back to Las Pocitas when I hear a sheep baa.



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Some of my best memories of Baja are play trips that did not go smoothly. All the good trips blend together over the years. But the ones with issues or struggles are the ones you remember the best. And later become the better trips.

This is not a good picture, but it was seriously rewarding. My Baja Bug prerunner was running hot and on day two and trying to figure it out, I knew we could not continue. We were somewhere between San Quintin & BOLA and decided to leave the group and limp it back to Rancho Veronica in Tecate where the trucks & trailers were.

Well a day and a half later we made it back. The engine made it, but we could not go very fast and had to constantly stop and let it cool. This picture is of us back at Veronica getting ready to load up.

There were other obstacles & adventures just getting back, but that would take to long to write. Military checkpoint, Police Chief & Cartels.